Advocate for Dogs: The Pros and Cons

Advocate for Dogs

Advocate for Dogs

Advocate for Dogs (also sold as “Advantage Multi” and both manufactured by Bayer) is a topical product that is designed to prevent heartworms, fleas and other internal and external parasitic infestations in dogs. Just like any other product, there are pros and cons to Advocate. Before choosing which flea or heartworm product is right for your dog, you’ll have to examine the different aspects of the product and how it applies to you and your dog’s situation.

Bayer Advocate for dogs is a once-monthly topical treatment. The product is packaged in separate tubes that are pre-measured for the right amount to put on your dog each month depending on its weight. Advocate is a liquid and you have to put it on the skin of the dog for it to be effective. Advocate is the combination of moxidectin and imidacloprid.

The Pros of Advocate for Dogs

Advocate flea treatment for dogs combines two monthly products – flea treatment plus heartworm medicine for dogs, into one. Typically a dog owner would have to buy and administer two different products every month to accomplish the same thing as using Advocate. This allows for a potential for money savings and also less stress for the dog and owner.

In addition to heartworm prevention and also flea and lice treatment and infestation prevention, Advocate can also prevent and treat other parasites. The list of possibility includes lungworms, ear mites and demodex mites. Also, roundworms and hookworms which humans can catch if not prevented in dogs. Advocate also treats and prevents whipworms which can be difficult to get rid of if they infest the dog or dog’s environment. This is one of the biggest pros for this product – the ability to treat and prevent so many different internal and external parasites without having to administer several products to accomplish the same result.

Another benefit to this product could be to those dogs that have allergies. Dogs that have dog food allergies are typically on a hypoallergenic dog food that has minimal ingredients to lessen the possibilities of the dog food containing an ingredient that the dog is allergic to. Some people don’t think of the monthly heartworm chewable pill containing ingredients that the dog may be allergic to. Heartworm medicine for dogs that is in the form of a chewable pill such as Heartgard or Interceptor contains ingredients such as beef flavoring that some sensitive dogs may be allergic to. When on a minimal diet, it is easy to overlook this type of thing and trigger the allergies without thinking about it. Since Advocate is a topical instead of an oral product, it has the potential to eliminate a possibility for an allergy problem.

Advocate can also be helpful to those who have dog that are picky eaters. Some dogs just don’t want to take the monthly heartworm pill. Advocate can be beneficial in this situation because it is a topical – on-the-skin, treatment instead of oral.

Cons to Using Advocate

One of the cons to using any medication is the potential for side-effects and a negative reaction to the product itself. Some dogs may develop irritation at the site of the application. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that, although rare, a hypersensitive dog can have a neurological reaction. It is important to take the time to discuss this and all medications with your veterinarian before administering them and to make yourself aware of any possible side effects and their symptoms.

Another downside is that you cannot buy Advocate for dogs without a prescription. Since this product contains the heartworm prevention medicine, it is dangerous to give this to your dog without a negative heartworm test. Therefore, you will have to get a prescription from your veterinarian before you can purchase Advocate online or elsewhere.

A third negative to this product is that although it protects against fleas, it does not protect against ticks. Dogs that live in rural areas or those places where ticks are more prevalent may be better off to use another product that includes tick prevention. Alternately, you could add a different product like a tick collar to prevent the ticks. Be sure to discuss adding any other product with your Vet in order to avoid any problems with multiple product combinations.

One final potential con to Advocate for dogs is the price of the product. Because Advocate is the combination of 2 major and several minor products, it will be higher in price than any one of them. However, when the prices of the 2 major products in it (flea and heartworm) are added together, Advocare will likely be much cheaper than if you were to purchase the other two products separately.

In summary, Advocate (or Advantage Multi) can be great for many dogs and not-so-great for others. It just depends on each individual dog and their unique situation. The best thing is to talk to your veterinarian to get advice and other dog owners to get reviews on what they think about using Advocate.

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81 thoughts on “Advocate for Dogs: The Pros and Cons

  1. my friends dog was given this for fleas. he is now suffering and the vets have no idea whats wrong with him. They seem to think its a neurological problem. Dog cant use its back legs cant stand up and is currently still in the vets on a drip and being sedated. They have done tests but so far nothing showed up and waiting for more tests. Hes been in now for 4 days. They only thing my friend did was give him some of this. reason puppy was taken to vets ( hes 8 months old) is he couldnt get up, whne he did he fell back down as if legs gave way. Vet ( PDSA) him some injections and dog got worse on the way home and was taken back on saturday, we are now wednesday and no closer to knowing exactly what is wrong. My friend is so upset and worried that if it is neurological that the puppy may not get better. he is thinking the worst at the moment. After searching the internet for him i came up with this site and notice that it does mention side effects. do you know if there would be any cure as its killing us not knowing what is wrong with him or what may have caused it. But taking this medication is the only thing the owner can think of. Dog is at the PDSA as my friend does not work and is on benefits, we are just hoping the dog is in good hands. Dog is a small terrier x
    thanks in advance for any reply

    • Hello Linda,

      Sorry to hear about your friend’s dog. I know it is very scary and heartbreaking when your dog is not doing well. My best advice is to contact the manufacturer directly to see if they can provide any help or answer to your questions. Here is their website:

      They also have a contact page so you can ask them specific questions:

      Do you know if he bought this product from his vet? It always worries me when products like this are bought from places like ebay, ect. where they cannot be confirmed as genuine products made by the manufacturer and not some other third party that is not regulated. But your friend’s dog may just have hypersensitivity to the product as mentioned in the article. Has he tried to wash all the product off him? I have heard some dogs accidently getting a second application of a similar product and causing vomiting, etc. The dog ended up fine after a few days and washing all the product off the dog. Since your friend’s dog seems to have had a neurological reaction, I’m not sure this would help, but it might. I hope you find some answers that helps him. Best wishes for his complete recovery –

  2. I was prescribed Advocate by my vet for my boarder collie puppy when she was 4 months. She is now 6 months, and she suffered a siezure once last week and has had another one this week! She is KC registered and has no record of siezures in her blood lines. The neurological side effects from advocate, does this include siezures? After the first siezure she was taken to the vet but he had no answer to what may have caused this! Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Mrs. Ingram,

      Sorry to hear about your dog having seizures. That is a very scary event when it happens! I would advise you to contact the manufacturer, Bayer, to see if they can elaborate on the possible neurological effects that could result from using Advocate.

      Here is Bayer’s contact page so you can ask them specific questions:

      I hope you get some answers so your dog doesn’t have any more seizures.

      – Leia & TheDogInfoBlog Staff

    • Hi Mrs Ingrams I hope your dog is doing ok now. I have a thirteen year old border collie who takes advocate. But a few vets have told me that it is not generally recommended for border collies as it can cause seizures and neurological problems. My dog has been taking this for a long time so he said she mustn’t carry the gene for this. I think it would be better if your dog didn’t take this anymore. Take care Jenny

      • Hi Jenny,

        Thank you for your information regarding using Advocate on Border Collies. That is very important information and should help other users as well.

        – Leia & TheDogInfoBlog Staff

    • I read that Advocate should never be given to Collie dogs!

  3. we took our 8 week old Border Collie to the vet and paid for a package called “the best start” as part of this package the vet applied Advocate but did not consult with us about it she simply put it on the pups neck. One hour later he was very distressed butting his back legs and crying he was exhausted but could not sleep kept jumping about and crying. I rang the vet who said it was probably the Advocate and to wash it off which we did. He stopped being as frantic almost right away but two weeks later is still occasionally bites his legs and cries. The vet says it is nothing they have done but then they would. I am not happy I took my pup to the vet paid for care and they have possible damaged him with this product.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Jenny just left a comment above about her experience with Advocate with her Border Collie. She says that her vet has cautioned using this product on Border Collies because it can cause seizures and neurological problems. Hopefully your dog will be fine and not have any lasting problems since you washed it off and it has had time to get out of his system. I hope your experience and other’s comments like Jenny’s will raise awareness to possible dangers of this product for specific breeds like Border Collies.

      Thank you again for your comment.

      – Leia & TheDogInfoBlog Staff

  4. I just want to clarify it is the ivermectin in advocate that ALL herding breeds can have issues with. Like it was pointed out above they have a certain gene that makes them hypersensitive to ivermectin. If you have a herding breed (collies, shepards, heelers) you should look for heart worm prevention suggested for them.
    I’m not sure when this was done so I don’t know if she will see this but Carolyn if they didn’t tell you what was included in the puppy pack or at least have it posted then yes the vet is liable. If they did have it posted regardless of if you realized it or not they are not liable per insurance. The problem is you would have to pay a lawyer to sue them. I sure hope all the above pups are doing well. Please spread the word to other herding dog owners to have a long talk about ivermectin and their dogs.

    • Thank you Cori for your added information. Carolyn’s comment was just left a month and a half ago so hopefully she will see your comment and it will help her out. Also, I hope other herding breed owners will also become aware of the potential dangers of using certain products on their dogs.

      Thanks again,
      -The Dog Info Blog Staff

  5. Applied advocate awhile ago for my 3months old rottweiler. Hope advocate will do good on her. Its been 2hours since i gave the advocate and nothing unusual is happening.

  6. I bought some Advocate for our German shepherd because she seems to have Demodex mites on her face, but now I’m a bit concerned about using it. Is she a susceptible breed? Also, she is on an annual heart worm injection so would giving her Advocate be an overdose? Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Kathy,

      As several people on here have mentioned in the comments some border collies are sensitive to this product. From what I have read in the past, ALL breeds of collies may have a gene that makes them sensitive to Ivermectin, a common heartworm preventative. Other herding breeds such as the GSD are also reported to have this gene. However in GSDs it is much lower, only about 10% of them have it. If you are concerned I would recommend talking to your vet, there are also tests they could take to see if your dog carries this gene. However after reading about this product it says it uses imidacloprid and moxidectin as the active ingredients. I do not know the effects of these ingredients on herding breeds.

  7. My pup is 3 months old,she’s had two lots of advocate with no side affects,the only thing is by the end of the month she has round worm again,I think I’m just throwing money you think I would be better buying the usual over the counter products ?

  8. My 2 & half year old Staff was given this as he has a pinkish skin underneath & the vet said it was better than frontline s guards against mange that he could pick up from foxes . I used it a couple of months ago .. Fine .. used again on Thursday , came in from work Friday & my boy seemed like he had had a stroke , he can not raise his head , collapses all the time on his front legs . I rushed him to emergency vet where he has spent the night he has deteriorated , they do not know what’s wrong they think its Neurological so he is to have an MRI on Tuesday …. How can a happy bundle of fun be so ill within 24hrs .. The only thing I can think is that I used this product & have since read similar stories … I’m praying my baby can get better & return to health . I have spent the last day just crying because I can not believe what has happened to him x

  9. Have given advocate to our 8 week old staffi pup and he has been nuts all day barking chewing and bitting everything and very aggresive.

    • Try & wash it off the area you applied it that’s what I did hope little ones ok x

  10. helpful to read these comments ,some really
    worrying effects. The dog I inherited over a year
    ago suffers from reflux every 2/3 weeks and i
    wondered if this drug was too harsh. She’s a terrier cross but a guzzler of her food so I’m hoping that’s the reason. Thank you

  11. We have been giving our daughter’s 3 year old pug advocate for about 3 months now. Last month she started having seizures out of the blue! The vet’s could not find any cause for sure only to speculate that it may be epilepsy which can happen in pugs. We have had her on epilepsy medicine since and the sezures seemed to be under control. It was time for her advocate again so we gave it to her and last week she started having seizures again and can’t walk and can hardly lift her head. I thought I’d research the advocate side effects since that is the only thing different she has had and reading these blogs have really opened my eyes! I am going to try to contact the manufacturer and see what can be done. I pray she comes out of this!
    We have two larger dogs that seem to do fine on this product but after reading this I will no longer give it to them either.

    • Our dog has meningitis all the symptoms of the other dogs on here he’s been on Advocate since a pup he’s now 19 months old been like this for five months now. I thought there might be a link because when we put it on our other a few weeks ago he seemed to have a bit of a relapse. The vets however won’t even consider that these things affect our dogs.

  12. My four year old border collie lilly started having seizures last November. She is taking epihen which seemed to help. Then she had another in February and may. She has just had another today, I used advocate on her 2 days ago and the last time she had a seizure it was a few days after treating her with advocate. Could this be causing her seizures.

    • Hi Sue,

      A few other people have posted here about the problems with using Advocate on any herding breed such as Border Collies. They said their vet cautioned them about using it on their Border Collie due to a possible reaction caused by a gene that they carry. They said that the ivermectin in Advocate can cause seizures and other neurological problems because the gene causes hypersensitivity to that ingredient. So I would definitely suggest talking to your vet or contacting the manufacturer to see what they say about it. It would probably be advisable to go ahead and wash the product off your dog and find another product that is safe for Border Collies.

      Here is Bayer’s contact page so you can ask them specific questions:

      I wish you and your dog the best.

      – Michelle
      TheDogInfoBlog Staff

  13. my 6 year old rottweiler had foxes mange, after taking him to the vets i was given advocate, with both lots i applied (2 weeks apart) left him really distressed and rolling around in discomfit for about 20mins… iv been a bit worried in case its doing him any harm, if not is it still going to work after hes been rolling around everywhere??

  14. I stupidly applied advocate in my dogs ears to avoid ear mites!i did this without reading instructions!, im worried for my dogs, is this going to affect him??

  15. Upon Vet’s Prescription for Flea Treatment, Bayer Advocate Spot On was applied on the back of 6 Yr old Rottweiler.

    After that came across this Blog which worried me very much due to the mention of Neurological Disorders & Epileptic Seizures caused by Bayer Advocate.

    Initial Symptoms after administering Bayer Advocate.
    Excessive salivation,
    Inactive & Dull.


    I immediately contacted Bayer Animal Health.

    Their Team which included a Vet contacted me promptly & Reassured it is SAFE on all Breeds of Dogs except Border Coolies.

    I Pray that my Dog doesn’t suffer from this Product.
    His Paw Prints are all over my Heart & I love him Very Much.

    14 Aug 2013

    • That is not true, shelties and rough collies are also susceptible to this. Collie breeds and it seems some other breeds can carry the MDR1 gene and that leaves them dangerously affected by Ivermectin which is in a lot of products including the pain killer Metacam. We have to be so careful with our animals and make your vets aware that you do not want anything with Ivermectin in it on your pet. Sometimes they just won’t listen but you have to insist.

  16. My vet prescribed these for my two JRT’s but after reading alarming reviews about this there’s no way I’m giving it to them, advocate is going straight in the bin.

  17. Hello,

    I have a blue heeler that I was just about to treat with advocate because I suspect he has been eating snails. I am now scared especially because sombody mentioned above that it is bad for hearding dogs. Should I use pancure instead?

    • Panacur is a wormer whereas Advocate is for fleas etc. Panacur is however safe. If your dog has not reacted to the snail then I imagine no harm has been done. Slugs can kill dogs.

  18. Recently acquired 2 new dogs from Pet Rescue, a Maltese X (6 years old) and a Shitzu X (3 years old). Given some Advocate by carer to apply the them when we got them settled at home. No reaction with the Maltese X, but Maggie our Shitzu X appeared to become twitchy in the upper body and dull, listless and lethargic. Decided to wash Maggie thoroughly to night 10/9/13 after reading these blogs. very worried about her. Took to vet this afternoon, they said could be neurological?? Funny how they never mentioned side affect with this product when it is all over the net. Feed back WOULD be appreciated. Geoffro.

  19. Thank you Michelle for your reply. I will try to contact Bayer to get their advice, it would be good to know if this wears off or is a condition that stays with the animal for life??.One thing my wife mentioned to me was that Maggie and Lilly are very close, Maggie never leaves Lilly`s side and maybe Maggie may have also licked the neck area of Lilly and possibly ingested some this way?.
    Thanks again for your concern. Cheers Geoff.

    • Hi Linda my dog is in a vet hospital at the moment with the same symptoms and he has meningitis! He is coming around now but it is an autoimmune response to a chemical or virus. He too has been having advocate put on every month. He needs steroids and has had MRI, lumbar puncture and bloods. My dog is a Yorkie / Maltese x and all of these posts show symptoms of immune response meningitis. My dog started with lethargy, then weakness in his back legs I thought it was his booster injection until I saw this!

  20. Used advocate today. Never again!! My poor dog is going nuts, really agitated and bothered. Hope he settles soon x

  21. My Staffy is 8 months old and has had advocate since 2 months old. The last 2 months she has had bad sickness and diahorrea 2 days after having the product applied. This reaction has happened at the same time and there cannot be any other reason for this. I will not be using the product again.

  22. Today I gave me 5 month old Maltese his 2nd application of advocate and within 4 hours he has went from being an energetic little pup to being physically sick and looking for places to hide and generally lethargic not being himself. I read other comments in this site and immediately washed it off with shampoo. He is now back to his old self within minutes. I will never use this again. It was prescribed by the vets and I will be ringing them for advice.

  23. My 21 month old working cocker spaniel had Domodex mites when he was a young puppy. Our vet of many years prescribed Advocate which we used for best part of year with no adverse effects. After this time we stopped the treatment as we were advised he should remain free of the Domodex mites as his own immune system would now be able to do the job. After 8 months the mites returned and we restarted the Advocate and my dog was ill for 4 days. The night after the application he was so agitated he had me awake on and off all through the night. I took him to one of the vets at the practice who told me Advocate was the only treatment available and to continue the treatment for six months. My own vet had been on holiday and upon seeing her on her return she advised me that if the dog had another bad episode then she would treat the Domodex with alternative treatment. I’m very annoyed that two very experienced vets have given me conflicting information and neither told me to cease the treatment.
    At this point I contacted Bayers directly. They were extremely swift and professional and advised me to contact my vet to discuss alternative treatment. My dog had transient behavioural response caused by the Advocate and Bayers have asked me to discontinue any use of their product which I have done. I have asked them if my dog is likely to have any long term effects from these episodes. I await their response once their report is complete. The good news is that he is much better in himself and working well. He does still have the Domodex mites unfortunately which I am going to research thoroughly myself before I take any further advice from a vet.

    To all of the people and doggies in these blogs I wish you very good health!!!


    • Hi Daisy,
      We have seen a lot of demodectic mange in our rescue as we pick quite a few dogs off the street. Most of them have weakened immune systems and a poor diet. In cases where they have a lot of hair loss, the treatment is usually oral or a shot of ivermectin. I’ve also found that a grain free salmon diet, helps the skin and coat as well as coconut oil applied after a bath.

      We have seen it come back even with good diet. I think some pups are just more prone to a reoccurrence. Just wanted to share what has helped in addition to the medicine, in case you hadn’t tried it yet.

      Good luck! I hope your pup feels better soon!

      • Ivermectin is a killer for collie breeds and judging by the comments above it seems it can be the same for other breeds too. Why do they continue to use these dangerous ingredients!!

  24. We have just given Advocate to our two lab puppies (7 months old) and one is having a bad reaction. Agitated, stressed, salivating, trying to rub it off, constantly pacing. Washing it off helped. He had the same reaction last time. Vet said they will speak to Advocate and seek their advice. It may be they say to put it on in smaller doses but after reading all this I am going to ask for a different product for him. I’d rather he got fleas than had a seizure or neurological problems. Thanks for all the advice on here.

  25. Hi all, just lost our beloved 12month old border collie/lurcher, she was absolutely fine and showing no signs of illness until she suddenly started to have a full fit, she then had re-occurring facial fits and salavating heavily until she eventually had to be put down after suffering re-occurring full fits, we were at a total loss as to what had caused this but after reading these blogs we now wonder if administering advocate 2 days before her first fit had anything to do with it, the advocate was advised/purchased from our vets who never mentioned anything about it not being suitable for this breed of dog. We are now even more upset thinking that we may have caused her downfall and cannot come to terms with it, surely this problem should be more widely known, and certainly by vets. We can’t get our Holly back but hopefully this might help stop someone else losing there loved one’s.

    Goodbye Holly – we miss you so much

    • Hello Lain,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet Holly. :( Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully it will help others.


  26. My 14 month old cockapoo is behaving very strangely after having a treatment of advocate today. He never cries or whimpers but has been doing so all day. He is afraid of me and his food bowl and he won’t even eat his satin balls. He is usually the most affectionate, lively little fella, it’s horrible to see him like this. I wish I had read this blog before I gave it to him. I would be devastated if any permanent damage has been done. I had no idea advocate even had any side effects.

  27. I have been to my vets this evening my dogs mouth and nose became very swollen and the neck it was a allergic reaction both my dogs had advocate yesterday. Can a dog if it licks the other dogs fur where the advocate was put on get some reaction from this. I can not think of anything else as everything she has had today she’s had before It was very worrying. She had to have a steroid injection

  28. We have a 14 year old Rough Collie/Borer Collie cross. He has been on Advocate, recommended by the vet, for about 5 years now. He has suffered what we thought was arthiritis for years now, and last year he was on pain killers (big brown tablets that taste good for dogs) in the hope this would help him to walk better (got very stiff if walking for too long – i.e more than 20 mins) – he developed a terrible allergy, took ages to work out it was the pain-killers, vets thought it was unlikely. I stopped the pain-killers and the allergy disappeared. I gave him his usual Advocate dose recently, and within a few days he had a weird reaction, we thought he was having a stroke, but recovered well over the next 24 hours. I haven’t given him his Advocate for over three months now, to see what happened with his health (keeping a close eye on him that he doesn’t eat slugs or anything in the garden) and he is a different dog! Still and old man, but he has gone back to playing again, chasing my daughter around the house, bringing socks in to tease us with, trotting when out on a walk etc!!! He hasn’t done this for years!!!! Am absolutely astounded the difference in him. Am going back to the vets to se what they ahve to say – clearly he needs something to protect him from worms and fleas, but I really dont’ want to see him unhappy again.

  29. Hi.. I’ve just read through these comments, as I had to rush my 1 year old border terrier to the vets yesterday after severe vomitting and poo’s and bleeding from her back passage. This is the second time i’ve used this product and I’m very unsure as to apply it again as she’s ill for 2 weeks after application. Tilly is usually the most loveable, adorable, lively and loving dog and after 2 mins after application, she is running around the house very aggitated, skimming on the carpet trying to get this off of her.. She also loses her appetite and withdraws and hides under the kitchen table. I can honestly say, I thought she was dying yesterday afternoon. The vet prescribed injections to stop her vomitting, antibiotics and some paste for her a cost of £60.00! Why are the vet’s not advising of these side effects and still prescribing this when it seems to me that these are common side effects. My vet has also said to continue to use it at 4 week intervals and she’ll probably get used to it..! Absolutely no way! This stuff is dangerous and I’ll be emailing my vet to advise them..

  30. My year old tebtian terrier becomes aggressive and snaps a week after having this product ,I want to know if there is an alternative that will protect from lungworm?tia Hannah

  31. Decided to check on this site to see if there are any reactions to Advocate as our King Charles Cav’ seemed very lethargic after a dose of Advocate-lying under tables, stretched out and generally disinterested in food and sleepy. I had thought there had been similar reactions to previous applications of Advocate -now I Have read all of these comments I’m convinced it’s having a adverse reaction on our 3 year old!- so will be speaking with vets about this !

  32. I used Advocate on my 1 year old Miniature Labradoodle – she was sick, lethargic and starting itching & scratching her belly at the bottom – & came out in a red, spotty rash a few days later which took 3 weeks to clear up. I didnt connect the Advocate at this stage – I gave her a second dose & the same thing happened again — rash flared back up & same symptoms.I knew then it was the Advocate. I rang Bayer & they advised me to stop using it & get a refund from my vet. They were very concerned about Lilli & called me back twice over the next few weeks to see how she was doing. Yet Bayer would not admit to me there were any ‘serious’ concerns or know side effects. its makes me suspicious how these companies manage to ‘restrain’ the negative side effects. yes it might work fine to many dogs but side effects are more common than Bayer & your vets makes out.

  33. It’s been of real interest to read all the posts. My 9yr old pug is currently extremely lethargic and weak. He has had time at the vets and in hospital on a drip and undergone extensive tests including bloods, ex ray and ultra sound, all to no avail. No answers and no improvement. He has periods of improvement followed by relapse and it’s driving me crazy trying to think what’s causing this. I had a suspicion it may be Advocate as it’s a new drug to him and the time scale corresponds, but my vet thinks it’s unlikely. I will now write to Bayer, but meanwhile we play a waiting game. So brutal.

  34. My beautiful bouncy eight month old Irish Setter is currently in a vet hospital having fluids from a drip and being fed through a tube. His temperature has been too high for a week, he has excessive mucus or saliva in his throat and is drowsy, unresponsive, shaky and depressed – doesn’t seem to know or recognise anyone – even me. I read all these messages and phoned my vet to query whether his condition could have been caused by Advocate. Needless to say she said there were no problems associated with the use of Advocate. I am going to arrange a referral to get a second opinion. Don’t know if he has brain damage or if he’ll pull through.

  35. My greyhound has been having advocate for some time now. She also appears to be reacting to the product: lethargic and sickness. This has happened for the last three times after applying it. After reading the comments I shall no longer be using it. Thank you everyone for your comments it helps other dog owners to make decisions on these products

  36. Hi there. I have been reading your page with great interest. My lovely 9 month lab/collie cross has been diagnosed today with SR meningitis. She has been through a very difficult week. After a false diagnosis and treatment of a vaginal infection, her condition became worse. Difficulty moving, stiff back and neck, reluctance to eat/drink, increasing fatigue. We had to put her through the ordeal of a lumbar puncture to get a clear diagnosis so that she can get the right treatment.
    We have stressed over why a young, healthy dog can suddenly get this disease. Having found your page it is becoming more likely that Advocate is responsible as I had treated her with it only 2 days before she became unwell. I am very saddened that I was not made aware of the potential side effects of this drug by my vet. I am also disheartened that we are advised by our vets to put our pets onto these regular plans and annual vaccinations to ‘protect’ them and they are doing quite the opposite. I think the relationship between healthcare organisations and drug companies needs to be evaluated as the health of both humans and animals is being threatened by the dominance of big pharma.

  37. We have just spent a very traumatic week with our 3 year old toy poodle. She suddenly had spasms in her back legs, an arched back and shaking. This was the day after giving her Advocate. She has had Advocate since she was a puppy and thinking back may have suffered more minor symptoms before after using it. We took her to the vet and mentioned the Advocate the vet said usually only side effects would be a rash/itching at the site.She told us to bring her back next day she saw another vet and was kept in while they ran blood tests, these came back negative so we were told to take her to a large Vet company for a scan.The vets and she saw at least 4 there kept her in for a day ran more tests and decided to treat a brain disorder. The vet a neurologist specialist explained about small dogs having a smaller space at the base of the skull and sometimes causes the problems she was suffering. She said if she does not recover she will do a scan (£2500).
    When we got her home we decided to do some research ourselves as the area the vet was indicating was the exact place the Advocate was applied, we are now convinced it was the Advocate and are very worried we have caused her irreversable problems. The vets are all in denial………………

  38. Hiya !! Hope your dog will get better ;(
    CAUTION : Guys , Border collies and few more dog breads are NOT supposed to be administered ADVOCATE !!

  39. Further to my comment concerning my greyhound. She was ill for about a week after using the advocate. She has thankfully now recovered and was due to have it administered again which I have not done. She has therefore NOT had the sickness( she couldnt even keep a drop of
    water down), lethargy and
    staggering. She has had to have herr
    annual booster and this can be a
    trigger for demodectic mange to
    reoccur especially in an older dog
    like her, shes nearly 12. I have gone
    back to using the Aludex wash which
    i used when she was a puppy and
    nothing else had worked It is
    obtained from the vet and the mange
    is clearing up again. So anyone who
    is using advocate for demodectic mange iand their dog is having a reaction it may be worth trying aludex wash Marie

  40. Does advocate cause diarrhoea my Minnie seems to
    Get it every 4/5 weeks

    • My greyhound has been having advocate for some time now. She also appears to be reacting to the product: lethargic and sickness. This has happened for the last three times after applying it. After reading the comments I shall no longer be using it. Thank you everyone for your comments it helps other dog owners to make decisions on these products

    • Hi Roberta my greyhound also tended to suffer from diarrhoea on a regular basis. That could be the moxydectin (the wormer) in the advocate. I had to use the advocate monthly to keep demodectic mange at bay but I haven’t used the advocate for 7
      weeks now and she hasn’t
      had diarrhoea once. So is that a coincidence, I don’t think so! Marie

  41. I did my dogs treatment and 2 days later was woken to him whimpering at 6 in the morning. When I checked on him the sight was horrifying. He was in obvious pain and had scratched at the back of his head so much that it was bleeding and all the fur was off. He had literally scratched his fur off. He was lethargic, off his food and water, and eating grass so much when he was out so he vomitted. He was obviously trying to get it out of his system. The vets couldn’t help, PDSA hospital said I was in the wrong postcode (remember this when they ask for funds and refuse to treat an obviously ill dog because they are 5 miles out in locality). In the end the chemist was the best person to ask. We treated Dave with Savlon First Aid Wash and then with Savlon Spray Antiseptic. He had a Dermopt bath every day to soothe the itching. He eventually started taking water and a couple of days later started on his food. Never again. I would rather he had fleas than put him through that again. And I realise Dave got away lightly compared to some of the horror stories I have read on here. No animal should have to suffer like these dogs have. Dave is more or less recovered 6 weeks later although he still has a bald patch on his neck and hair loss on his haunches and tail. Love my pup too much to let him suffer like this again. So sorry to hear about the dogs on here xx

  42. Further to the demodectic mange and advocate saga with my 12year old greyhound. My vet has now said that the flare up last year and this year of demodectic mange is definitely due to her immune system being lowered by having her yearly
    booster. As I have already said she can not have advocate put on her
    and I am using the aludex wash to clear the mange up. My vet has now
    advised that Ziggy does NOT have
    the booster in future as its doing
    more harm than good. I hope by
    letting you all know that anyone with
    a dog with the same problem it
    might be worthwhile just checking if
    any flare up of mange is close to
    when the booster has been given.
    Please note your insurance may be
    affected by no booster but in my
    case my dogs health is far more
    important than whether or not an
    insurance company will try to get out
    of paying up anyway. Hope all your pets are improving now Marie

  43. Gave my 17 year old jack russel the advocate, never used it before but was informed by our vets its ok, it didn’t come out like a liquid but a blob of jelly then exploded all down his neck within an hour he was running around rolling over and crying in pain and couldn’t stop panting ,got to our vets within 10mins by then all his neck was glowing red she said it was deffinately an allergic reaction gave him pirriton, I got him home and showered him for a full 20 mins, after a couple hours he settled, he had pirriton the following day, a month later I noticed he has lumps come up in his throat the vet thinks he’s got lymphoma cancer when I asked if it was possible if the advocate caused it she got quite funny with me, it just seems he was ok before then after using it this happens, he has a heart condition so we are always monitoring him closely, and only found these lumps after using advocate.
    Also used this on our dachshund at the same time and he has suffered with weepy eyes since, would not recommend this to anyone

  44. I am almost sure that I have seen somewhere on here that one of the ‘ingredients’ of advocate is counted as a carcinogen. Perhaps someone with more knowledge than me could clarify this please. Why vets get so uptight when they are questioned about something I shall never know!
    Luckily I have a wonderful vet and
    her attitude is that usually a good
    owner knows their dog better than
    she does. She is there to give a
    medical diagnosis.Bless you Jenny.

  45. Advocate 100% brings on seizures.. My chihuahua was prescribed advocate as a puppy for 4years he suffered seizures all along while i was giving him advocate drops. We thought he kept dislocating his legs when he was having a seizure. Not until we watched a youtube video of a chihuahua having a seizure we realised this was in fact what was happening to him. I stopped giving him advocate 7months ago and no seizure since i asked my vet and she confirmed that advocate is known for this in certain breeds. Since i wash him in flea shampoo and worm him with a tablet (not from the advocate brand) and he is perfectly fine!

  46. I am so upset for the dogs and owners who have sufferred as a result of Advocate. My vet was so sure it was right for my Lhasa/ poodle cross. He had a bad reaction immediately. He ran and semed to panic .He salivated and looked like he was going to have a seizure. I thought I would try again while he was asleep. Within minutes he was awake and doing the same thing. I washed the Advocate off both times and will never have my dog near it again. Vets do not always read blogs and see the result of these poisons or they don’t believe the reason is Advocate. I have asked for a refund and have been told I will receive one from my vet. How many other beautiful pets and loving owners will suffer I wonder before this product is banned.

  47. My dog also had a very bad reaction to Advocate. He is a Lhasa/Poodle cross. The product should be banned!

  48. I have just been reading the comments on this blog and found it very interesting and useful. I have two Toy Poodles (a black and apricot one both age 5) and have been using it since they were puppies every three months. Last year in June 2013 my black toy poodle starting having what seemed like seizures. She couldn’t stand up, she was salivating and very sleepy afterwards. She has had a few more since then and had two in July this year. Took her to the vets again and said seizures were common in certain breeds and poodles were one of them. She had a blood test to rule out anything else that could be causing them which came back negative. The vet wanted to start her on medication for her seizures but I wanted to wait and see what happened. Now looking back at dates it seems to be happening after the Advocate was put on. My other dog seems to be fine other than when it is first put on she races around everywhere. Reading some of the above comments it says that this should not be used on herding dogs and Poodles descended from herding dogs. I will not be using this again and hopefully my dog will not have any more seizures, just hope the damage hasn’t already been done. Surely the Vets should make people more aware of the side effects. Reading these blogs if it is so prolific why is there no mention of it whatsoever in the drug company’s side effects sheet which comes with the treatment.

  49. My Yorkshire terrier is 6 months old he has had advocate applied twice now once by vets & once by myself but on applying it yesterday for the third time within an hour he was running around looking for places to hide and shivering. This was so out of character for him he wouldn’t even let me pick him up to passify him! After reading these reviews I immediately shampoo him and washed it off. He was back to normal within minutes thank god. I will never use this product again.

  50. Our Border Collie was 20mths old when he had his first seizure. He had 2 Grand Mal fits a month later. He’s now treated with bd Epiphen 60.
    Our vet had previously prescibed painkiller Carprieve & Ronaxan 100mg antibiotics for a sore split paw.This delayed the flea treatment for a couple of months.
    Our usual flea treatment is Stronghold, containing Selamectin-this is very fiddly to apply (via a tiny lml opaque tube) & our dog hates it but doesn’t appear to have side effects. I was thinking of an alternative flea treatment but am aware of Collies’ sensitivities & trust our vet. Always communicate concerns with your vet & vet’ nurse- he/she should listen & reassure/advise.The cause of the seizures remains unknown.

  51. Wow im so pleased i read all these comments.I was recommended advocate by a freind.I have two gsd’s .I wont be touching this product with a barge pole .Thankyou all for your information.I’m sorry to read some of your stories but you’ve saved my dogs ..

  52. We have been using Advocate on our puppy basset hound for 4 months now, luckily no major side effects like some but I have noticed that whenever we put it on him he eats grass and vomits. He did this the first time the vet administered it but the vet did not seem to concerned. I did the monthly treatment again this morning and sure enough he is eating grass and vomiting. The worst part is here in Australia this product can be bought at any pet store over the shelf no prescription and no questions asked regarding the dog. I have since washed my beautiful boy and will no longer be using this product. Thank you.

  53. My 10 year old Shih Tzu suffered severed seizures 2 days ago. He is otherwise a very healthy dog for his age, with no major health issues prior to this episode, At present he is recuperating at home, having been treated for his seizures and is currently being given drugs for epilepsy. What I couldn’t understand is if he was epileptic he would have shown signs of it a lot sooner than now. the vet asked if anything had been different for him before the seizures, of course we racked our brains as to what it may be, then I remembered treating him with Advocate 5 days before. Sad thing in all this is he has never used this product before, we were using another well known brand, which we have done so all along, this was only used because my vet recommended it to me, I now feel that I am in away responsible for his condition, the treatment was given to me as a single vial, no box and no warnings and I do feel that the vet should have been aware of possible side effects and informed me of them. Looking at packaging on the web, it doesn’t state these effects either, so its the manufacturers fault. How can so many people who love their pets, be allowed to use this product on them if there is a slightest possibility that they could be harmed, I know deep down what has caused my dogs seizures, proving it is another thing, does anyone know of any other sites about this issue where pet owners can record their stories to help make other pet owners aware?

  54. Advokate has just flattened my 4 year old male Dobermann. He is a big, fit and healthy dog, however within 6 hrs of his treatment he was a whimpering wreck, sat in front of me pawing at me and crying. He could not walk without assistance, his back was hunched, his heart rate, temprature and blood pressure were through the roof – he stopped eating, drinking, pooing and weeing. 48 hrs, 2 sleepless night, four vets visits and various medications later, (including Tramadol!), he started to show signs of improvement (he was on the point of being taken in for scans, bloods, rehydration etc). The only change to his routine was the advokate, we’d used it twice before – first time he had a slight reaction of 24 hrs of listlessness & excess salivation, second time I dropped the dosage and noticed no real change. This time he went back to a full dose and it almost killed him. Its taken him 5 days to get back to something like his normal self – I’ll never, ever use it again. Both me and the vet are content that his ‘illness’ was a reaction to the advokate. Scary stuff.

  55. I gave my dog a dose of advocate as I usually do without any problems an hour or so ago, she came and curled up beside me while I was asleep on the sofa, my was resting on the dogs back when I awoke and my arm and hand were smelling badly of the advocate and my dog does not seem to have any left on her, she normally has signs of the stuff being put on her for a couple of days afterwards she does not even smell of it. I wondered if I should give her another dose or not or whether it would be dangerous like an overdose or not.

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