Therapeutic Dog Beds: 4 Types to Help Your Dog



When your dog has arthritis, has an injury or has had surgery, one thing that may help give him comfort is a therapeutic dog bed. This type of dog bed is specifically made to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort that dogs in these situations have to deal with. Buying the right bed for your dog is the key to helping your dog rest and heal comfortably.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

The most common type of therapeutic dog beds are those containing a foam material. One type of foam dog bed is the type of foam is usually called memory foam because it is designed to conform to the shape of the dog as it lays on it. This unique quality of memory foam eliminates pressure on certain areas of the dog’s body, like the hips, shoulders or other joints, and to reduce the pain that pressure on the areas normally causes. Make sure to get a memory foam bed that is thick enough though, because otherwise the dog will still make contact with the floor which will defeat its purpose. We have found a great memory foam bed that is thick and also has a durable, waterproof cover.

If your dogs prefer to have a bed with a side on it, then here is a great bolster memory foam bed.



Convoluted Foam Dog Beds

Another popular type of foam dog bed is made from convoluted foam. This type of foam is commonly called “egg crate” foam because of its unique shape that is similar to an egg crate. Because of its shape, the peaks are said to absorb pressure and provide weight distribution for arthritic or geriatric dogs. Also, dogs that are immobile due to injury or surgery recovery may benefit from this type of bed because the convoluted foam is said to provide more air circulation to prevent sores on pressure points of the body.

Heated Dog Beds

Another type of therapeutic dog bed is a heated bed. Just as in humans, heat provides relief from sore, tired muscles as well as pain from arthritic joints. We have found one of these heated dog beds that has pretty good reviews from the users.

Cooling Dog Beds

If you have an older dog that lives in a hot climate, then your dog might benefit from a cooling bed. I have used these cooling beds myself with my dogs and they work great. There are different kinds of cooling beds, but the one that I have used is filled with water and dissipates the dog’s body heat through the water. It doesn’t require any electricity to run, so it is not an electrical hazard. The only problems that we have had is the seams seem to start to leak after using for a year or so. So we make sure to monitor the seams for leaks to make sure the floor isn’t getting soaked underneath without us knowing about it. The manufacturer has a great warranty so be sure to save your receipt and contact them if you find your bed starts to leak. Also, if you buy the large size, it is quite heavy after it is filled, so be sure to have it in place before filling.



As shown, there are a variety of therapeutic dog beds available. Depending on your dog’s specific needs, you should be able to find one that will help your dog and give him or her a comfortable night’s rest. There’s nothing more that we want as dog lover’s than to see our beloved dogs resting comfortably.

Which type of therapeutic dog beds have you used and what are your thoughts?




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Outdoor Dog Beds: 5 Popular Types

Most dog owners care a lot about their dogs and want them to be as comfortable as possible. When dogs are kept outside, or just enjoy spending time outside throughout the day, having a nice, comfy spot for them to lie on is important to these dog owners. Since the environmental conditions differ for dog beds that will be in the outdoors elements versus those that will be indoors, you must choose dogs beds that are specifically made for outdoors instead of those that are made for indoor conditions. There are many different types of outdoor dog beds to choose from. These dog beds can have many different features.

Indoor Outdoor Dog Beds

Indoor Outdoor Dog Bed

Indoor Outdoor Dog Bed – Click to view details

If you are looking for versatility with the use of your dog bed, then you may choose to buy an indoor outdoor dog bed. The features of this type of dog bed are that they are usually made from a heavier fabric and this fabric is also water resistant. This allows the bed to be used in outdoor situations where the bed may be subject to wetness from rain. The heavy fabric will also hold up better to the harsher elements of the outdoors.



Outdoor Raised Dog Beds

Outdoor Raised Dog Beds

Outdoor Raised Dog Bed – Click to view details

If you have an older dog and/or one that has arthritis or just had surgery, then an outdoor raised dog bed might be the best choice for your dog. Outdoor elevated dog beds have a sturdy frame with a fabric laying surface that stretches for comfort. This type of outdoor dog bed resembles a cot. This style is beneficial because it keeps the dog off the cold, hard floor or ground and helps to prevent pain from strain on bones or joints and other pressure points.


Heated Outdoor Dog Beds

Heated Outdoor Dog Beds

Heated Outdoor Dog Bed – Click to view details and reviews

Dogs that have to stay outside during the cold winter months will need a dog bed that provides some heat. Heated outdoor dog beds are generally plastic mats that the dog can lay on. Some of them have a plush cover for added comfort. For safety, they typically have a thermostat so the temperature will stay at a set temperature and won’t get too high or too low. The electrical cords are an area of concern, so many of the outdoor heated dog beds have a steel wrapped cord so the dog can’t chew on it and cause a fire or harm to himself. However, they are not chew-proof, so they need to be monitored carefully.


Outdoor Waterproof Dog Beds

Outdoor Waterproof Dog Beds

Outdoor Waterproof Dog Bed – Click to view details

It is difficult to find outdoor waterproof dog beds because most of them are really just water-resistant. Some of the elevated dog beds that are made of a nylon material are waterproof. However, if you are looking for a plush dog bed that is also waterproof, you may have to settle on one that is water-resistant.

Outdoor Waterproof Dog Beds with Waterproof Bottom and Sides

Outdoor Waterproof Dog Bed with Waterproof Nylon Bottom and Sides – Click to view details


There are a few dog beds that have waterproof nylon sides and bottom and a plush top cushion which might be ideal for some outdoor dogs as it provides waterproof and durability on the bottom, but still offers warm, comfortable fabric on the top.



Outdoor Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Outdoor Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Outdoor Dog Beds for Large Dogs – Click to view choices

Many of the outdoor dog beds already shown in this article are also available in large size. Outdoor dog beds for large dogs feature durable fabric and water-resistant covers that can usually be removed for easy cleaning.

Finally, when shopping for outdoor dog beds, there are many different types to choose from. You’ll have to choose which type of dog bed meets the requirements of what you’re looking for. From waterproof or heated to indoor/outdoor or raised, you are sure to find the right dog bed for your dog.

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Bark Collars for Small Dogs: What Types Are Available?

Bark Collars for Small Dogs: Shock Collar

Bark Collars for Small Dogs: Shock Collar

Small dogs tend to have a reputation of being excessive barkers. Small dogs are usually pretty spunky in temperament and like to make sure that they are seen and heard and feel like they are important in the ‘family pack’. When verbal training and reprimanding fails to stop the non-stop barking, dog owners look for other methods of curbing the behavior and one of the successful tools they use are bark collars for small dogs.

Anti-bark collars for small dogs come in many different varieties with different features that help to train the dog to stop barking excessively. One of the most common type of bark collar is the remote control shock collar for dogs. This type of collar uses a static shock to correct the dog when it barks. The small dog version is smaller and uses a less powerful shock for the correction. The shock can normally be adjusted to a higher intensity if your dog does not respond to the lighter shock, but it is best to start on the low end and adjust up as necessary. The remote control version can be used in a manual way to correct the dog when it is barking versus the regular shock collar that automatically delivers the shock each time the dog barks. As a helpful warning, the automatic shock collars typically sounds a warning when the dog barks before the first shock is given to allow the dog to decide to stop before it receives the shock correction. On most collars there are options to turn this and other features on or off.

Citronella Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Citronella Bark Collar for Small Dogs

One of the other types of no bark collars for small dogs is the citronella dog collar. This collar uses a more humane method of correction to teach the dog not to bark. When the dog barks, the collar sprays all-natural citronella into the air and the smell discourages the dog from continued barking. Citronella bark collars for small dogs have received good reviews from dog owners and are worth looking into if you are looking for an anti-bark collar that does not use shock for the correction.

When deciding on the best bark collars for small dogs, you will have to take into account your dog’s size and temperament. The shock collar might work better for dogs that are more stubborn, whereas the citronella collar might work better for those small dogs that are more timid. However, both collars have been shown to work for any kind of temperament so the decision is up to you in which type of anti-bark training collar you prefer to use on your dog.

Finally, one thing to note – if you have a very small dog or toy breed, make sure you read the bark collar manufacturer’s recommendations on the weight of the dog to be sure the bark collar for small dogs includes very small dogs. Some of the collar descriptions say they are only for dogs 8lbs and over.

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Citronella Dog Collar: What Is It & What Are Dog Owners Saying?

Citronella Dog Collar

Citronella Dog Collar

One very annoying behavior of some dogs is excessive barking. Dog owners will usually try anything to try to get their dog to stop barking all the time. One simple solution that many dog owners have success with is a citronella anti-bark dog collar.

A citronella dog collar is an inexpensive and humane way to train your dog to stop barking. The collar has a receiver on it that contains a citronella sprayer. To use the collar, all you have to do is put the collar on your dog and when your dog barks, the collar will spray a mist of all-natural citronella into the air near your dog’s face. The dog will smell this and, because their sense of smell is so intense, they will not like it. They will learn that the smell is a result of their barking and thus it will deter them from barking excessively.

After researching and reading some citronella dog collar reviews, I have found that the collar has been given fairly high ratings from customers. The Premier Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar is one of the most popular of the citronella dog collars. The reviews it received were more positive than negative. 

The positive reviewers said that the citronella dog collar worked great. They said that their dog learned quickly to stop barking and continued to not bark when the collar was worn. Some said they were finally able to sleep through the night and they highly recommended the collar. 

On the other hand, the negative reviewers had a few complaints. Some said that the citronella spray dog collar was only effective for a short amount of time. Some said their dog would get used to the spray and not care about it anymore. Others complained that their dog learned that they could bark until the spray ran out and then the spray would stop. Also, some dog owners said that the collar would spray when there was a loud noise even though the dog didn’t bark. Other dogs were scared of these dog collars and acted very skiddish when they had to wear them. A few dog owners complained about the cost of having to buy the citronella refills and replacement batteries frequently.

A citronella dog collar is generally a very effective way to stop your dog from excessive barking. It is a great and humane alternative to other methods of training like training dogs with shock collars. So if you are looking for a way to stop your dog from barking all night long for no reason, you may want to try using this highly-recommended citronella anti-bark dog collar.

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Dog Grooming Equipment: What do I need?

When you make the decision to start your own dog grooming business, there are certain pieces of dog grooming equipment that you should consider having in order to do your job effectively. Acquiring these items for your dog grooming business will help you on your way to get your business started.


We have compiled a list of different types of professional dog grooming equipment that we think are necessary for a dog groomer.


Clippers, Blades, and Clipper Guards


Dog Grooming Clippers


When deciding on which clippers and blades to buy for your dog grooming business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you will need to decide on which brand you’ll want to buy. Make sure when you decide on a brand that it is a brand that has replacement parts available and also a good selection of blades. If you buy an off-brand clipper, it may pose a problem in the future if it should break by not being able to fix it because of a lack of parts.


Also, you’ll have to decide if you want one speed, two speed or power clippers. Power or two-speed clippers are generally a better choice; however, one speed clippers also have a few benefits. Two speed clippers offer more options for different grooming situations you may encounter such as dogs that are really matted or have thick coats. On the other hand, two speed clippers pose more of threat of cutting the skin because they are more powerful.


As a professional dog groomer, you’ll need a variety of clipper blades. Due to the variety of dogs that you will be grooming, you will need clipper blades with various lengths. Some dogs will require shorter coats and other requires longer coats and this will also vary by season. Also, choose blades that are able to be re-sharpened and are easily cleaned and disinfected.


Grooming Scissors and Shears


Dog Grooming Scissors


Another important piece of dog grooming equipment for sale are scissors (sometimes called shears). There are several different types of scissors available for the professional dog groomer. The most common type are straight-edged. They are used the most often when grooming dogs. There are also thinning shears, curved and nose and ear scissors. The most important type to have are the straight-edged since they are used most often. However, the other types will be used as well but only for special circumstances or for grooming certain breeds.




Brushes and Combs


Slicker Brush


Dog grooming brushes are another standard item found in a groomer’s shop. The most popular type of dog brush is the slicker brush. It has metal pins that are bent about half-way down the pin and they are used to de-tangle and remove loose hair on long-haired breeds of dogs. For breeds with short hair, a bristle brush works well. A tool that is kind of like a brush, but is used to remove the excess hair when the dog is shedding is the shedding blade. It helps to remove all the loose hair from the coat and undercoat more efficiently than with a regular brush.


Dog grooming combs are typically metal with narrower teeth on one end, and wider spaced teeth on the other for versatility. There are also specialized combs such as de-matting combs that have sharp teeth so they can help remove matts in the dog’s fur more easily.




Grooming Tub


When deciding on a dog grooming tub, there are a few things to consider. A standard tub is usually metal and contains features such as a hose with sprayer, drain and shampoo rack. However, you can also find tubs with features such as doors with ramps or stairs to help get the larger dogs in the tub without straining your back. This is a great concept, but it is oftentimes hard to get dogs to use these ramps and stairs so it may not be a great investment. The most important thing when choosing a tub, is the sturdiness and the durability. Make sure it is designed to hold the weight of larger dogs and it will be stable when they move around.






Dog grooming dryers are important in a few steps of the dog grooming process. First, after the dog has been washed and rinsed in the tub, a dryer is helpful to remove excess moisture from the fur before moving them to the step in the drying process. A dryer that is used in the tub is usually higher speed and used for just this purpose. Next, cage dryers are used to dry the dog the rest of the way. It is important to know that it is a safety concern if you decide to use a heated cage dryer as that can cause some dogs to overheat. Be careful in your decision when you decide to use a heated versus a non-heated cage dryer. Also, there are dryers that look similar to human hair dryers that are used on the grooming table for final drying or for special circumstances with certain breeds such as fluff drying Poodles. These are different than human dryers because they are designed for the special needs of dog’s fur and skin.




Dog Cage Bank


Dog cages are needed to contain the dogs throughout the grooming process. There are many types of cages and it will depend on the size of the grooming shop and the preferences of the groomer on what type to use. A common type are wire cage banks that have larger cages on the bottom for the larger dogs, and the smaller cages on the top.






Dog Grooming Table


Dog Grooming Table


The dog grooming table is one piece of dog grooming equipment essentials that can vary depending on the groomer’s preferences. This can be a pricey item and it may be beneficial to look for used dog grooming equipment to find one at a good price. A popular type of table is the adjustable type. It can be lowered to the floor level and then moved up to the grooming level which is great for grooming large dogs. This will allow the dog to be lifted by the table instead of the groomer’s back. Also, adjustable tables allow for the height to be adjusted depending on if the groomer would rather stand or sit during the process and for different dog heights. The most important factor when choosing a table is to be sure it is stable and secure for the safety of the groomer and the dog.


Owning and operating a dog grooming business requires many different types of dog grooming equipment. We hope that this has given you a few ideas on some of the essential items you will have to purchase before opening up your shop.


Special thanks to professional dog groomer, Beth, from Beth’s Pet Services where she provides dog grooming and bathing in Perry, FL.

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Dog Crates for Sale – What Types are Available?

Plastic Dog Crates for Sale

An Example of Plastic Dog Crates for Sale

When looking for dog crates for sale, you have to determine which type will work best for your situation. Depending upon the type of dog, where the crate will be used and what you will use if for will all factor into your decision. Read on to find out which dog crate you should buy before you make your purchase.

Plastic Dog Crates

One of the most popular types of dog crates are plastic dog crates. Plastic dog crates are good to use for travelling. When you travel with a medium or large dog on an airplane, the dog usually has to travel in the cargo area of the plane. This requires the dog to be in an airline-approved dog crate. Plastic dog crates are usually the best choice for airline cargo area travel because they are usually pretty sturdy, they have some ventilation, they have a carry handle, and they may provide more of a sense of security for the dog because they are more enclosed than a wire crate.

Plastic dog crates are also a good choice for using at home. Since they have limited holes, they can feel like a den for your dog and provide them a quiet place for them to retreat if things get loud or hectic in the house. Also, they are generally warmer for colder climates because of the limited holes. They are also easy to clean and are designed to be taken apart for cleaning or storage.

Wire Dog Crates

Wire Dog Crates For Sale

An Example of Wire Dog Crates For Sale

Secondly, there are also the popular wire dog crates for sale. Wire crates for dogs are not as portable as plastic dog crates. They are better for at-home use where they are not moved around a lot, especially the crates for large dogs. Wire crates provide better ventilation than plastic crates since they don’t have any sides that are closed-in (i.e. no holes). They are typically easy to clean because they usually have a plastic tray in the bottom that can be removed and cleaned. However, if you have a puppy and he has an accident in the crate, it can be a big, hard mess to clean and the mess can go through the wires onto the surrounding floor. Wire crates work great for adult dog to give them a place to sleep or retreat, if necessary.

Specific models of wire dog crates are drop-pin crates. Generally, all wire dog crates fold flat for easy storage and easier transportation. Drop-pin wire crates have a metal rod that goes in each corner of the cage to hold it together. When it is taken apart for storage or transportation, it is not as easy and convenient as a collapsible-type of wire crate. Collapsible or folding wire dog crates are designed to easily fold up on itself so it can be transported more conveniently. Also, it is easier to keep all the pieces together because they are still all connected unlike the drop-pin crates where each piece is separate and the risk of losing a piece is greater.

Soft Dog Crates

Soft Dog Crates For Sale

One Type of Soft Dog Crates For Sale

There are also soft dog crates for sale. These types of dog crates are soft-sided and made of some type of fabric or canvas. They are generally used as a portable kennel during travel. They are not for dogs that like to chew or destroy their surroundings. They typically have a few windows and door or two that are opened and closed by zippers. Since they are soft-sided, they are made to fold down flat for easy transportation and storage. They are usually easy to clean also. These types of dog crates are best for a temporary situation where another type of dog crate would be an inconvenience.

Dog Carrier Soft Dog Crate

Another Example of a Soft Dog Crate - Dog Carrier Type

Another type of soft dog crate for sale is the luggage-type. These are sometimes called dog carriers and look like little duffel bags with mesh windows and a zipper door. These are commonly used as a carry-on for small dogs on airplanes. They are small enough to fit under the airline seat and usually comply with airline standards for dogs in the cabin of the airplane. They are not too sturdy, so they are not to be used in any situation where something heavy could fall on top of it and do harm to the dog within.

In conclusion, when you are looking for dog crates for sale, you’ll have to determine what specific situations you will be using the dog crate. Some types of crates work best for certain situations and dog types, while others are better for other situations and dogs. You may even decide that having more than one type of crate will work better so you can the have flexibility to accommodate your dog in different situations.

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How Long Do Dogs Live? What Can I Do To Help My Dog Live Longer?

How Long Do Dogs Live?

How Long Do Dogs Live?

One of the worst things in life is the death of a beloved dog. Dogs are like family members to most people and the thought of losing them is hard to come to terms with. There are some things that you can do as a dog owner to help ensure your dog has a long, healthy life.

A common question people ask is, “How long do dogs live?” Well that depends on what breed/size dog you have. Smaller breeds tend to live longer than larger breeds. The smaller breeds typically live to around 15 years old, medium and large breeds tend to live to 10 to 13 years old, and giant breeds typically live to only about 7 or 8 years old. A common belief is that one human year equals seven dog years and that is how to convert dog years to human years. That is a common misconception and simply not accurate.

There are some things that you can do to help your dog stay healthy and possibly live longer. One of the things to monitor is their weight. Like humans, weight plays an important factor in the health of the dog. Fat around the organs can make them work harder. Also, excess weight can put more strain on joints which can result in problems like arthritis and tears in the joint tissues. It is important to make sure that your dog stays in a healthy weight range. To help your dog lose excess weight, look for a good dog food that is formulated to help dogs lose weight. There will be a feeding guide on the bag that will tell you how much to feed your dog for weight loss or weight maintenance. Measure your dog’s food out each day so that you know how much they are eating. Also, do not feed table scraps. Instead, buy some low fat dog treats and only give them to your dog for special circumstances. You can also give them certain vegetables for treats such as baby carrots. Daily exercise is also recommended to help with weight loss and heart health.

Another thing that can be done is to spay or neuter your dog. Spaying and neutering can help reduce the risk for some diseases that dogs that are intact are more prone to. Spaying a female dog helps to prevent health problems such as pyometra and mammary tumors. Neutering a male dog helps to prevent testicular cancer among other things. Also, unneutered male dogs tend to roam and this may cause them to get hit by a car, get lost or stolen, or get in a fight with another dog over a female that is in heat.

Finally, give your dogs their best chance at out-living the average for their breed by following these few tips. Help keep them strong and healthy so you can both enjoy a long life together.

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Plastic Dog Beds: Why Dog Owners Love Them

Plastic Dog Beds

Plastic Dog Beds

Choosing a perfect bed for your dog can take some time. Finding the right dog bed often depends on different factors such as the dog’s size, age, sleeping environment and how destructive the dog tends to be. Frequently, the dog owner will go through several beds by trial and error before finally finding the best bed for their dog. In the end, many dog owners find that plastic dog beds are the perfect choice for their dog.

Hard plastic dog beds sometimes do not look too appealing to dog owners because they don’t appear to be as comfortable as the pillow-type dog bed. This is probably one of the reasons why dog owners don’t seem to choose a plastic dog bed as their first choice. However, after experiencing problems with a regular dog bed, they may decide to try a plastic bed for their dog and they end up loving it. There are many reasons why dog owners love these beds.

First of all, plastic dog beds are easy to keep clean. The bed is typically an oval shape with high sides and rubber feet on the bottom for stability and protection of the floor. There is also the option to purchase a liner designed specifically for this type of dog bed that is made of material to make the bed more comfortable for your dog. However, some people just place a pillow or blanket in the bed to save the extra money. This allows for easy cleaning because the liner or blanket can be easily removed and washed while the bed itself can be wiped down with a wet cloth or hosed-off outside if it gets really soiled.

The next reason why people love this type of dog bed is the durability. People that have dogs that love to chew and destroy fabric or wicker dog beds find that these plastic dog beds are the perfect solution. Dogs, especially puppies and large dogs, love to chew. The plastic that these beds are made from is thick and durable. They may still chew the plastic, but it will usually still last a long time Plastic dog beds for large dogs and those small dogs that love to chew are a perfect alternative to coming home to find a wicker or pillow-type dog bed shredded all over the floor for you to clean up.

Another reason why people love these dog beds is the price. The most popular brand of this type of dog bed is Perla. Perla plastic dog beds currently range in price from $15 for the small size to $30 for the large size. These prices are good for any dog bed, but even more-so for a plastic dog bed considering the high praise for the durability from other dog owners.

Finally, when shopping for your dog’s next bed, you should consider buying a plastic dog bed. Their durability, ease of cleaning, and price provide a good solution to many dog bedding problems.

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Kong Dog Bed – A Couple of Complaints


“Mesa” with her Kong brand chew toy

One of the things we love to do as dog owners is to spoil our dogs. We love to buy them the best dog food, treats and accessories to show them a little appreciation for the unconditional love they give to us each day. For those dog owners who have dogs that love to chew, trying to find a good, durable dog bed is hard to do. One well known brand, Kong, makes a dog bed that is supposed to be chew-resistant, but there are some that have found some short-falls with it.

Kong has become well-known for its line of durable dog toys made even for the toughest chewing dogs. Dogs that often destroy toys in minutes have usually met their match when they are given a Kong toy. So when the Kong brand comes out with a dog bed, the reputation of the brand means that this dog bed will be great quality and perfect for those dogs that love to chew. However, after reading several reviews, there seems to be quite a few unsatisfied customers (to be fair, a few were satisfied, but they were the minority).

The Kong dog bed is described as a chew-resistant dog bed made of durable, nylon material. The outer cover is removable so it is easy to clean. Note that that the manufacturer describes it as “chew resistant” and not “chew-proof”. Although nothing is chew-proof, it is hard to say something is chew-resistant and not have a lot of people interpret it a different way.

The main complaint with the Kong chew resistant dog bed is with the zipper. The zipper is usually one of the first things that dogs chew on on dog beds. They know that once they get the zipper apart, the insides and all the fluff is theirs to create the biggest mess possible! The zipper is described by a reviewer as having small teeth, so it does not seem like a well-designed aspect of the bed. The zipper on the dog bed should be one of the things that is focused on for any future improvements to the bed design.

The other complaints with the Kong dog beds are just with the durability. The majority of the reviewers state that the dog bed didn’t even last a day let alone a few months. Some of the dogs would chew off the tag or handle first then move to the seams or zipper. Some of them would chew holes right through the outer material first not even going for the ‘weaker’ areas like the zipper.

The complaints with the Kong dog bed seemed to result from both big dogs and small dogs so they were not limited to the size or breed of dog. On a positive note, it seems that the store and manufacturer were given good reviews on the ease of getting a refund for the dog bed when problems arose. That is great to hear because these dogs beds cost a lot of money and when expectations aren’t met, who wants to deal with arguing with the store or manufacturer (or both) when trying to get your money back.

In conclusion, the Kong dog bed seems to be a disappointment to many of those who bought the bed with high expectations. Before making your purchase, do some more research and read more Kong dog bed reviews so you can draw your own conclusions.


Buy Kong Dog Beds on Amazon. There are many different varieties available and they have updated & improved their designs and features!

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WD Dog Food vs. ZD Dog Food: What are the Differences?

WD Dog Food and ZD Dog Food are two of the special veterinary dog food formulas made by Hill’s Science Diet. Each formula is designed to treat specific conditions. We’ll explore the differences between the W/D and Z/D formulas.

After you’ve taken your dog to see your veterinarian, he/she may decide that in order to help or improve your dog’s condition, it would be better to be put on a special diet. Only a few dog food manufacturers make special dietary formulas that require a prescription and one of them is Hill’s Science Diet. Two of the special dry dog food formulas they make are called WD and ZD.

What is Hill’s ZD Dog Food?

ZD Dog Food

Z/D Dog Food

ZD Dog Food is a specially formulated dog food for hypoallergenic dogs. The formula was developed by veterinarians and nutritionists to help give dogs some relief of the common food allergy symptoms such as skin, ear and gastrointestinal problems. In order to minimize the possibilities of a food allergy problem, Hill’s only used a couple of sources of protein and one source of highly-digestible carbohydrate. The first 5 ZD dog food ingredients are: Dried Potato Product, Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver, Potato Starch, Soybean Oil and Hydrolyzed Chicken. To help nourish the skin, they added Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Also, additional antioxidants were added to aid the immune system and the skin barrier function. 

What is Hill’s WD Dog Food?

WD Dog Food

W/D Dog Food

Science Diet WD dog food is special food designed for dogs that are hypoglycemic (diabetic), have weight and/or digestion problems. Many dogs, like humans, develop diabetes when they become overweight. This formula includes carnitine to help dogs burn fat easier and build more muscle so when a healthy weight is reached, it will be easier to maintain. To help the dog feel fuller longer, the WD dog food includes high levels of fiber. In addition to the benefits of a healthier weight for diabetic dogs, Hill’s Science Diet WD dog food is formulated to reduce the fluctuation of blood glucose levels. Also, like the ZD dog food, the WD dog food has added antioxidants for a healthy immune system. The first 5 ingredients of the WD formula are: Whole Grain Corn, Powdered Cellulose, Chicken by-product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal and Chicken Liver Flavor.

In summary, the ZD and WD dog foods definitely have their differences. They both have their own special health conditions that they are each specifically designed to treat. It is best to discuss with your veterinarian which dog food is best for your dog and his/her special health conditions.

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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Imagine this, you’re outside enjoying your walk in the park with your dog, and somehow your dog has found an apple and has started to eat it. You freak out and frantically take the apple away from him. Now you wonder, “What do I do?” and “Can Dogs Eat Apples?”

Well thankfully you’re in luck because dogs can eat apples. However, there are parts of the apple that dogs can’t eat. The leaves and stem as well as the seeds of the apple are all toxic to dogs if consumed. They all contain a substance called cyanogenic glycosides which can cause cyanide poisoning if ingested. The most poisonous substance is in the seeds so be sure to prevent your dog from ingesting those or chewing on them.

A few things to watch out for if your dog has eaten all parts of the apple are vomiting and diarrhea – typical of gastrointestinal upset. Also, there are more serious effects starting with coordination problems, breathing problems and the most serious being coma or shock. These rare, but serious effects can result in death so it is important to be aware of the parts of the apple that your dog can safely eat. If your dog shows any of these signs of distress, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Now that you know the dangerous parts of the apple, you can safely allow your dog to enjoy the healthy benefits of eating this fruit. The apple provides many good vitamins and minerals as well as fiber for your dog. A lot of dogs enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, so it is great to provide them as a supplement to their normal dog food or as a healthy treat. Just be sure to ask your veterinarian if there are any particular dangers with the specific fruit or vegetable before feeding them to your dog.

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Advocate for Dogs: The Pros and Cons

Advocate for Dogs

Advocate for Dogs

Advocate for Dogs (also sold as “Advantage Multi” and both manufactured by Bayer) is a topical product that is designed to prevent heartworms, fleas and other internal and external parasitic infestations in dogs. Just like any other product, there are pros and cons to Advocate. Before choosing which flea or heartworm product is right for your dog, you’ll have to examine the different aspects of the product and how it applies to you and your dog’s situation.

Bayer Advocate for dogs is a once-monthly topical treatment. The product is packaged in separate tubes that are pre-measured for the right amount to put on your dog each month depending on its weight. Advocate is a liquid and you have to put it on the skin of the dog for it to be effective. Advocate is the combination of moxidectin and imidacloprid.

The Pros of Advocate for Dogs

Advocate flea treatment for dogs combines two monthly products – flea treatment plus heartworm medicine for dogs, into one. Typically a dog owner would have to buy and administer two different products every month to accomplish the same thing as using Advocate. This allows for a potential for money savings and also less stress for the dog and owner.

In addition to heartworm prevention and also flea and lice treatment and infestation prevention, Advocate can also prevent and treat other parasites. The list of possibility includes lungworms, ear mites and demodex mites. Also, roundworms and hookworms which humans can catch if not prevented in dogs. Advocate also treats and prevents whipworms which can be difficult to get rid of if they infest the dog or dog’s environment. This is one of the biggest pros for this product – the ability to treat and prevent so many different internal and external parasites without having to administer several products to accomplish the same result.

Another benefit to this product could be to those dogs that have allergies. Dogs that have dog food allergies are typically on a hypoallergenic dog food that has minimal ingredients to lessen the possibilities of the dog food containing an ingredient that the dog is allergic to. Some people don’t think of the monthly heartworm chewable pill containing ingredients that the dog may be allergic to. Heartworm medicine for dogs that is in the form of a chewable pill such as Heartgard or Interceptor contains ingredients such as beef flavoring that some sensitive dogs may be allergic to. When on a minimal diet, it is easy to overlook this type of thing and trigger the allergies without thinking about it. Since Advocate is a topical instead of an oral product, it has the potential to eliminate a possibility for an allergy problem.

Advocate can also be helpful to those who have dog that are picky eaters. Some dogs just don’t want to take the monthly heartworm pill. Advocate can be beneficial in this situation because it is a topical – on-the-skin, treatment instead of oral.

Cons to Using Advocate

One of the cons to using any medication is the potential for side-effects and a negative reaction to the product itself. Some dogs may develop irritation at the site of the application. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that, although rare, a hypersensitive dog can have a neurological reaction. It is important to take the time to discuss this and all medications with your veterinarian before administering them and to make yourself aware of any possible side effects and their symptoms.

Another downside is that you cannot buy Advocate for dogs without a prescription. Since this product contains the heartworm prevention medicine, it is dangerous to give this to your dog without a negative heartworm test. Therefore, you will have to get a prescription from your veterinarian before you can purchase Advocate online or elsewhere.

A third negative to this product is that although it protects against fleas, it does not protect against ticks. Dogs that live in rural areas or those places where ticks are more prevalent may be better off to use another product that includes tick prevention. Alternately, you could add a different product like a tick collar to prevent the ticks. Be sure to discuss adding any other product with your Vet in order to avoid any problems with multiple product combinations.

One final potential con to Advocate for dogs is the price of the product. Because Advocate is the combination of 2 major and several minor products, it will be higher in price than any one of them. However, when the prices of the 2 major products in it (flea and heartworm) are added together, Advocare will likely be much cheaper than if you were to purchase the other two products separately.

In summary, Advocate (or Advantage Multi) can be great for many dogs and not-so-great for others. It just depends on each individual dog and their unique situation. The best thing is to talk to your veterinarian to get advice and other dog owners to get reviews on what they think about using Advocate.

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Like humans, dogs can also have many problems that can be attributed to allergies. These problems are common with many popular dog breeds. One way to help reduce the symptoms of allergies is to use hypoallergenic dog food.

When dogs have allergies, the symptoms can show up in many forms. For example, they can have itchy skin, including biting and licking their feet or chronic or frequent ear infections, to name a few. These symptoms are consistent with food allergies. There are also symptoms associated with air-borne or seasonal allergies including sneezing and watery eyes similar to seasonal allergies in humans. In order to rule out other health problems that could be causing these symptoms, an exam with a veterinarian is advised.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food - English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is one of many breeds that commonly has problems with allergies

Dog food for hypoallergenic dogs is different from regular dog food because it is normally formulated with fewer ingredients and only those ingredients that are less likely to cause allergy problems. Ingredients that can cause dog food allergies are low quality grains such as corn, certain dairy products and proteins, and also other fillers typically used in low quality dog food. When looking for the best hypoallergenic dog food, you’ll have to examine the list of ingredients to see if any of the common allergy-causing ingredients are included in the food. Once you have decided on one to try, you will have to do a food trial to try to eliminate those common allergy-causing ingredients to find out which out which particular food might be causing the problems in your dog.

Two of the popular hypoallergenic dog food brands are Wellness and Blue Buffalo. These two high-quality dog foods both use human grade ingredients and they make sure to leave out the low quality fillers that may other dog foods include. Wellness also offers grain-free formulas called Wellness Core and formulas that only use one grain and one protein source to help dog owners figure out which protein and/or grain might be causing the allergy problem. Other brands that offer special allergy formulas include: Purina and Royal Canin. There is also a prescription dog food for allergies from Hills Science Diet  – Z/D Dog Food.

When trying to determine the cause of your dog’s allergies, trying a new food can be a good choice. After deciding on which one to try, make sure to only give your dog that food for several weeks so you can rule out certain ingredients. You should see an improvement after several weeks if the hypoallergenic dry dog food is working for your dog.

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Wellness Dog Food Coupons

When trying to feed your dog healthy, wholesome dog food like Wellness dog food, it can get expensive.  High-quality dog food can cost more than double per bag than low or medium-quality dog food.  In order to save some money and still feed you dog high quality dog food you should try using coupons.

Wellness dog food is one of the few high-quality dog foods widely available. Most pet stores carry the Wellness brand.  It only contains human-grade ingredients and all the by-products and low-quality grains are left out.  They also make sure not to use any common allergy-causing ingredients. They also have a wide variety of formulas available to suit all life-stages and many dogs that have health problems.  Since this dog food is such a quality food, it is much more expensive than the low-end supermarket brands.

Wellness Dog Food Coupons

Wellness Dog Food

To find wellness dog food coupons, it is a good idea to start by looking at the manufacturer website.  Often times the manufacturer will offer printable wellness dog food coupons right on their site or in their monthly email newsletter. So look over their website and also check into subscribing to their free newsletter to get the exclusive savings offers.

Other places to find coupons for wellness dog food is in your Sunday newspaper or from you local pet store. The Sunday newspaper generally has a lot of coupons for different pet products and there might be some Wellness coupons included from time to time.  Also, your local pet store may give out Wellness core dog food coupons.  From time to time there are books of coupons attached to the shelf by the dog food. Sometimes these savings are in the form of a rebate – the requirements just have to be met for the offer to receive the rebate so be sure to read them carefully.

Any money that can be saved when buying expensive dog food is appreciated.  In households where there are mulitple dogs, the dog food bill can get very high.  Finding coupons to save a few dollars off a bag of dog food can really add up.

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food

One important thing that some dog owners overlook when it comes to ensuring the health of their dog is choosing a quality dog food.  The common perception is that any name brand dog food from the local supermarket is great.  That cannot be farther from the truth.  It is imperative to do some research and find a food that is made from wholesome, quality ingredients.  One such dog food is Blue Buffalo.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo dog food is considered a top quality pet food.  It only contains holistic ingredients and all by-products are left out.  When researching food for your pet, it is important to look at the list of ingredients on the bag.  The ingredients are listed in order of weight with the ingredient with the highest amount in the food listed first.  That first ingredient should be a protein source such as chicken and not a by-product or a grain.  The best thing to see in the first few ingredients is a protein-meal like ‘chicken-meal’. That just means that the chicken had all the water removed and made into a dry meal before it was added to the food mixture.  This allows the true weight of the chicken to be considered instead of the chicken plus the water weight. Blue Buffalo dog food ingredients for their Chicken and Brown Rice Adult food start off with: de-boned chicken, chicken meal, whole ground brown rice, whole ground barley and oatmeal. The list continues on to also include a variety of fruits and vegetables like peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries and cranberries. Anyone who asks, “Is Blue Buffalo a good dog food?”, can look at that list of ingredients and be assured that the answer is yes, it is.

If you’re wondering where to buy Blue Buffalo dog food, most likely if you check your local pet stores you will find it there.  Well known pet store chains carry this dog food. However, don’t waste your time looking at your local discount grocery store as it is not sold there. If your pet store does not carry it, ask them and they may be able to order it for you.

Since most quality dog foods come with a higher price tag, you may be wondering how you afford to buy it.  An important thing to consider is that dogs generally eat less of the quality dog food because it is not filled with fillers like cheaper food.  Also, you can search for a Blue Buffalo dog food coupon online and you may be able to find one that is printable so you can save some money. Your pet store will probably have periodic sales too, so keep an eye out for those.

The next time you pick up the bag of dog food that you are feeding your dog, take a moment to look at the list of ingredients.  You may decide to do a little research online to find which food is best for your dog. In the end, I’m sure you will come to the conclusion that one of the few high quality dog foods is Blue Buffalo.

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Shock Collars for Dogs

Wireless Shock Collar For Dogs

A Type of Wireless Shock Collar For Dogs

Using a shock collar for dogs is a popular way to train a dog. There are many different styles of shock collars available and they are used for different types of dog training. Choosing the right collar for your dog will help to make your training successful.

Shock collars work by creating an electrical shock to the dog through a small device on the collar. The degree of intensity of the shock can vary depending on the type of collar and the level of correction that is selected. The shock can be compared to that which is felt when you stick your finger in an electrical outlet. The feeling isn’t meant to be pleasant otherwise the correction wouldn’t be successful. Some people ask, are shock collars safe for dogs? Yes, shock collars are safe as long as the manufacturer’s directions are followed. If you have any doubt or questions about the collar that you are using, please be sure to call the manufacturer directly, don’t rely on hear-say or other unreliable information.

As mentioned, shock collars for training dogs come in many different styles. There are wireless shock collars for dogs and remote shock collars for dogs. The most popular type is the type used in wireless fence systems. A wireless dog fence uses a central unit called a transmitter that sends out a signal. When the dog wearing the receiver collar approaches the edge of the signal, the collar will beep so the dog knows it is getting near his boundary.  If the dog continues towards the boundary the beep gets louder or quicker and eventually the dog will get an electrical shock correction if he does not turn around. Also, the dog will get a continuous correction until he returns to within the boundary. Of course, there are variations of this type of fence depending on the manufacturer, but this is a common type.

The remote type of collars are shock collars for training dogs. The remote is held by the trainer and as the dog is trained, the remote can be used to provide a correction to the dog via the collar if the dog does not perform the task as instructed. The use of a remote shock collar is recommended only after receiving training on how to properly use it.

In order to prevent your dog from undergoing unnecessary pain and anxiety from using a shock collar, please make sure that you have thoroughly learned how to use the device properly. Also, be sure to check the system regularly to ensure proper function. Shock collars for dogs can be very helpful when training your dog, but when used improperly, can cause a negative result.

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Dog Food Allergies

Dog Food Allergies Dog Scratching

Dog Food Allergies Can Cause Itchy Ears & Skin

Many common health problems that dogs have can be traced back to allergies. Various ingredients in your dog’s food can cause allergies and make your dog not feel well. We’ll examine some of the symptoms of dog food allergies and what you can do to help give your dog some relief.

Common dog food allergies include allergies to grains, proteins, additives and fillers in the food. Cheap dog food is made up of fillers consisting of grains such as corn. Allergies to corn, wheat, soy and other grains are very common in dogs. Protein allergies are also common and list includes beef, lamb, eggs, fish, chicken and dairy products. When looking for the best dog food for dogs with allergies, examine the list of ingredients and choose dog food that doesn’t include cheap fillers. Dog food with oatmeal is a good alternative to corn. It is better for your dog and most dogs don’t have a problem with it. There are also all-natural dog food brands that only contain a few ingredients for the specific purpose of minimizing the chance of creating a problem with dog food allergies. Look for them at your pet store.

Dog food allergies symptoms can include a variety of things. The dog may develop chronic ear infections causing them to constantly scratch their ears and you may notice a brownish substance in the ear. Also, they may scratch the back of their elbows or other parts of their body when there is no indication of fleas. Plus, they may also lick and bite at their feet causing them to become red and irritated. In order to rule-out environmental allergies such as pollen or other inhalents, you’ll know that it is a food allergy if the symptoms occur during the winter or all-year-round instead of just during the spring when the pollen count is high.

Dog food allergies treatment involves avoiding the food(s) that are causing the allergies. The only way to accurately find out which foods are causing the problems is to do a food trial. A food trial is bascially choosing a protein and a carbohydrate source that your dog has not eaten before and feeding that to your dog for at least 12 weeks. If the symptoms have disappeared or have been greatly reduced, then you can conclude that your dog has food allergies. The important thing to note about doing a food trial is that the dog must only be given the protein and carbohydrate and nothing else such as treats, human food, eatable dog bones, etc. Short term treatment for allergies can be achieved by administering steroids, antihistamines, etc.

Although allergies are most likely the cause of most common ailments mentioned, there may also be other reasons why your dog is having the same symptoms. In order to rule out other causes such as sarcoptic mange, bacterial infections or parasites, it is important for your dog to be examined by your veterinarian.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Why do Dogs Eat Poop?As humans, the act of dogs eating poop totally disgusts us. We ask ourselves, Why do dogs eat poop? What could they possibly be thinking? There are a few reasons that dogs engage in such vile behavior. Let’s examine some common questions:

Why do dogs eat other dogs poop? Dogs often eat other dogs poop because they are lacking in something. Either they aren’t getting enough food or enough nutrients in their diet. Since feces from another dog can sometimes smell like dog food, they will ingest it to make up for their hungar or lack of nutrients from their own food. This gives them instant satisfaction and therefore makes it a difficult act to break. There is a product called Forbid that can be given to dogs that will make the poop not as appetizing. A few other things you can try is putting a small amount of hot sauce or lemon juice on the poop to discourage consumption.

Why do dogs eat cat poop? Dogs that eat cat poop are also likely suffering from some lack of nutrient or enough food. Some dogs just develop a taste for “kitty crunchies” so prevent access to the litter box to put a stop to this unwanted behavior.

Why do dogs eat their own poop? Some dogs may eat their own poop out of anxiety, stress or boredom. If the dog is crated for long periods of time, he may eat his poop to try to keep his kennel clean. Try to get him out of his crate often for potty breaks, exercise and interaction.

If none of these seem to discourage the poop-eating behavior, you may want to take a visit to your veterinarian to rule out other problems such as parasites. Parasites can rid the body of essential nutrients and thus can cause a dog to feel the need to replace those nutrients by eating poop.

The most important things to do to stop this problem, is to feed your dog adequate amounts of high-quality dog food, give them plenty of time to potty and exercise throughout the day, prevent access to the cat litter box and have them checked out by your vet.

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Heartworm Medicine for Dogs: A Few Questions Answered

Heartgard is one brand of Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

Heartgard is one of several brands of Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

Most dog owners know that it is important to give their dogs monthly heartworm medicine. Dogs can get very sick and even die from heartworms so it is imperative that you know what to do to prevent heartworms in your dog.

Some people ask, “Do all dogs need heartworm medicine”? The answer is yes. Any dog can get heartworms. Heartworms result from a simple mosquito bite and if your dog is not on a preventative then it can get heartworms.

“What if you miss a few doses of heartworm preventative medicine”? If you miss even just one dose of the medication, then you must contact your vet to have your dog tested for heartworms. If you give your dog a heartworm pill and he/she is positive for heartworms, then the dog could die as a result. You also need to have a yearly heartworm test performed by your vet to confirm a negative result.

“Where can I buy cheap heartworm medicine for dogs?” Normally it is more convenient and easier to buy your dog medicines from your local vet, but if you buy your medicine online, you can sometimes save some money. You are not supposed to be able to buy heartworm medicine for dogs without prescription from a vet so all online pet pharmacies are supposed to require that you get the prescription before you can purchase the medicine. Some vets will charge you a fee just to get the prescription, so you will have to factor that into the cost when comparison shopping online. Just make sure you purchase it from a reputable website.

Finally, the most important things to remember about your dogs and the prevention of heartworms is that you must get them tested annually and you must give them their heartworm medicine every month. If you do both of these things, you shouldn’t have to worry about the heartbreaking loss of a pet due to heartworms.

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