Bark Collars for Small Dogs: What Types Are Available?

Bark Collars for Small Dogs: Shock Collar

Bark Collars for Small Dogs: Shock Collar

Small dogs tend to have a reputation of being excessive barkers. Small dogs are usually pretty spunky in temperament and like to make sure that they are seen and heard and feel like they are important in the ‘family pack’. When verbal training and reprimanding fails to stop the non-stop barking, dog owners look for other methods of curbing the behavior and one of the successful tools they use are bark collars for small dogs.

Anti-bark collars for small dogs come in many different varieties with different features that help to train the dog to stop barking excessively. One of the most common type of bark collar is the remote control shock collar for dogs. This type of collar uses a static shock to correct the dog when it barks. The small dog version is smaller and uses a less powerful shock for the correction. The shock can normally be adjusted to a higher intensity if your dog does not respond to the lighter shock, but it is best to start on the low end and adjust up as necessary. The remote control version can be used in a manual way to correct the dog when it is barking versus the regular shock collar that automatically delivers the shock each time the dog barks. As a helpful warning, the automatic shock collars typically sounds a warning when the dog barks before the first shock is given to allow the dog to decide to stop before it receives the shock correction. On most collars there are options to turn this and other features on or off.

Citronella Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Citronella Bark Collar for Small Dogs

One of the other types of no bark collars for small dogs is the citronella dog collar. This collar uses a more humane method of correction to teach the dog not to bark. When the dog barks, the collar sprays all-natural citronella into the air and the smell discourages the dog from continued barking. Citronella bark collars for small dogs have received good reviews from dog owners and are worth looking into if you are looking for an anti-bark collar that does not use shock for the correction.

When deciding on the best bark collars for small dogs, you will have to take into account your dog’s size and temperament. The shock collar might work better for dogs that are more stubborn, whereas the citronella collar might work better for those small dogs that are more timid. However, both collars have been shown to work for any kind of temperament so the decision is up to you in which type of anti-bark training collar you prefer to use on your dog.

Finally, one thing to note – if you have a very small dog or toy breed, make sure you read the bark collar manufacturer’s recommendations on the weight of the dog to be sure the bark collar for small dogs includes very small dogs. Some of the collar descriptions say they are only for dogs 8lbs and over.

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Citronella Dog Collar: What Is It & What Are Dog Owners Saying?

Citronella Dog Collar

Citronella Dog Collar

One very annoying behavior of some dogs is excessive barking. Dog owners will usually try anything to try to get their dog to stop barking all the time. One simple solution that many dog owners have success with is a citronella anti-bark dog collar.

A citronella dog collar is an inexpensive and humane way to train your dog to stop barking. The collar has a receiver on it that contains a citronella sprayer. To use the collar, all you have to do is put the collar on your dog and when your dog barks, the collar will spray a mist of all-natural citronella into the air near your dog’s face. The dog will smell this and, because their sense of smell is so intense, they will not like it. They will learn that the smell is a result of their barking and thus it will deter them from barking excessively.

After researching and reading some citronella dog collar reviews, I have found that the collar has been given fairly high ratings from customers. The Premier Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar is one of the most popular of the citronella dog collars. The reviews it received were more positive than negative. 

The positive reviewers said that the citronella dog collar worked great. They said that their dog learned quickly to stop barking and continued to not bark when the collar was worn. Some said they were finally able to sleep through the night and they highly recommended the collar. 

On the other hand, the negative reviewers had a few complaints. Some said that the citronella spray dog collar was only effective for a short amount of time. Some said their dog would get used to the spray and not care about it anymore. Others complained that their dog learned that they could bark until the spray ran out and then the spray would stop. Also, some dog owners said that the collar would spray when there was a loud noise even though the dog didn’t bark. Other dogs were scared of these dog collars and acted very skiddish when they had to wear them. A few dog owners complained about the cost of having to buy the citronella refills and replacement batteries frequently.

A citronella dog collar is generally a very effective way to stop your dog from excessive barking. It is a great and humane alternative to other methods of training like training dogs with shock collars. So if you are looking for a way to stop your dog from barking all night long for no reason, you may want to try using this highly-recommended citronella anti-bark dog collar.

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Shock Collars for Dogs

Wireless Shock Collar For Dogs

A Type of Wireless Shock Collar For Dogs

Using a shock collar for dogs is a popular way to train a dog. There are many different styles of shock collars available and they are used for different types of dog training. Choosing the right collar for your dog will help to make your training successful.

Shock collars work by creating an electrical shock to the dog through a small device on the collar. The degree of intensity of the shock can vary depending on the type of collar and the level of correction that is selected. The shock can be compared to that which is felt when you stick your finger in an electrical outlet. The feeling isn’t meant to be pleasant otherwise the correction wouldn’t be successful. Some people ask, are shock collars safe for dogs? Yes, shock collars are safe as long as the manufacturer’s directions are followed. If you have any doubt or questions about the collar that you are using, please be sure to call the manufacturer directly, don’t rely on hear-say or other unreliable information.

As mentioned, shock collars for training dogs come in many different styles. There are wireless shock collars for dogs and remote shock collars for dogs. The most popular type is the type used in wireless fence systems. A wireless dog fence uses a central unit called a transmitter that sends out a signal. When the dog wearing the receiver collar approaches the edge of the signal, the collar will beep so the dog knows it is getting near his boundary.  If the dog continues towards the boundary the beep gets louder or quicker and eventually the dog will get an electrical shock correction if he does not turn around. Also, the dog will get a continuous correction until he returns to within the boundary. Of course, there are variations of this type of fence depending on the manufacturer, but this is a common type.

The remote type of collars are shock collars for training dogs. The remote is held by the trainer and as the dog is trained, the remote can be used to provide a correction to the dog via the collar if the dog does not perform the task as instructed. The use of a remote shock collar is recommended only after receiving training on how to properly use it.

In order to prevent your dog from undergoing unnecessary pain and anxiety from using a shock collar, please make sure that you have thoroughly learned how to use the device properly. Also, be sure to check the system regularly to ensure proper function. Shock collars for dogs can be very helpful when training your dog, but when used improperly, can cause a negative result.

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