Kong Dog Bed – A Couple of Complaints


“Mesa” with her Kong brand chew toy

One of the things we love to do as dog owners is to spoil our dogs. We love to buy them the best dog food, treats and accessories to show them a little appreciation for the unconditional love they give to us each day. For those dog owners who have dogs that love to chew, trying to find a good, durable dog bed is hard to do. One well known brand, Kong, makes a dog bed that is supposed to be chew-resistant, but there are some that have found some short-falls with it.

Kong has become well-known for its line of durable dog toys made even for the toughest chewing dogs. Dogs that often destroy toys in minutes have usually met their match when they are given a Kong toy. So when the Kong brand comes out with a dog bed, the reputation of the brand means that this dog bed will be great quality and perfect for those dogs that love to chew. However, after reading several reviews, there seems to be quite a few unsatisfied customers (to be fair, a few were satisfied, but they were the minority).

The Kong dog bed is described as a chew-resistant dog bed made of durable, nylon material. The outer cover is removable so it is easy to clean. Note that that the manufacturer describes it as “chew resistant” and not “chew-proof”. Although nothing is chew-proof, it is hard to say something is chew-resistant and not have a lot of people interpret it a different way.

The main complaint with the Kong chew resistant dog bed is with the zipper. The zipper is usually one of the first things that dogs chew on on dog beds. They know that once they get the zipper apart, the insides and all the fluff is theirs to create the biggest mess possible! The zipper is described by a reviewer as having small teeth, so it does not seem like a well-designed aspect of the bed. The zipper on the dog bed should be one of the things that is focused on for any future improvements to the bed design.

The other complaints with the Kong dog beds are just with the durability. The majority of the reviewers state that the dog bed didn’t even last a day let alone a few months. Some of the dogs would chew off the tag or handle first then move to the seams or zipper. Some of them would chew holes right through the outer material first not even going for the ‘weaker’ areas like the zipper.

The complaints with the Kong dog bed seemed to result from both big dogs and small dogs so they were not limited to the size or breed of dog. On a positive note, it seems that the store and manufacturer were given good reviews on the ease of getting a refund for the dog bed when problems arose. That is great to hear because these dogs beds cost a lot of money and when expectations aren’t met, who wants to deal with arguing with the store or manufacturer (or both) when trying to get your money back.

In conclusion, the Kong dog bed seems to be a disappointment to many of those who bought the bed with high expectations. Before making your purchase, do some more research and read more Kong dog bed reviews so you can draw your own conclusions.


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