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One important thing that some dog owners overlook when it comes to ensuring the health of their dog is choosing a quality dog food.  The common perception is that any name brand dog food from the local supermarket is great.  That cannot be farther from the truth.  It is imperative to do some research and find a food that is made from wholesome, quality ingredients.  One such dog food is Blue Buffalo.

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Blue Buffalo dog food is considered a top quality pet food.  It only contains holistic ingredients and all by-products are left out.  When researching food for your pet, it is important to look at the list of ingredients on the bag.  The ingredients are listed in order of weight with the ingredient with the highest amount in the food listed first.  That first ingredient should be a protein source such as chicken and not a by-product or a grain.  The best thing to see in the first few ingredients is a protein-meal like ‘chicken-meal’. That just means that the chicken had all the water removed and made into a dry meal before it was added to the food mixture.  This allows the true weight of the chicken to be considered instead of the chicken plus the water weight. Blue Buffalo dog food ingredients for their Chicken and Brown Rice Adult food start off with: de-boned chicken, chicken meal, whole ground brown rice, whole ground barley and oatmeal. The list continues on to also include a variety of fruits and vegetables like peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries and cranberries. Anyone who asks, “Is Blue Buffalo a good dog food?”, can look at that list of ingredients and be assured that the answer is yes, it is.

If you’re wondering where to buy Blue Buffalo dog food, most likely if you check your local pet stores you will find it there.  Well known pet store chains carry this dog food. However, don’t waste your time looking at your local discount grocery store as it is not sold there. If your pet store does not carry it, ask them and they may be able to order it for you.

Since most quality dog foods come with a higher price tag, you may be wondering how you afford to buy it.  An important thing to consider is that dogs generally eat less of the quality dog food because it is not filled with fillers like cheaper food.  Also, you can search for a Blue Buffalo dog food coupon online and you may be able to find one that is printable so you can save some money. Your pet store will probably have periodic sales too, so keep an eye out for those.

The next time you pick up the bag of dog food that you are feeding your dog, take a moment to look at the list of ingredients.  You may decide to do a little research online to find which food is best for your dog. In the end, I’m sure you will come to the conclusion that one of the few high quality dog foods is Blue Buffalo.

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  1. Actually, this is bad stuff. I contacted them and asked about Chinese ingrediants in there. Turns out that they use more than enough of them.

    I will stick with dog food that does NOT use Chinese ingrediants. That way, I KNOW what I am getting. As it is, all of the dog food recalls in recent years, were due to Chinese issues.

    • Thanks for your opinion, g.r.r. It is good to do your own research on the dog food companies so you can draw your own conclusions on what is the best food to feed your dogs. Thanks again!

  2. I believe in the quality that Blue Buffalo products give to every product they create. As a consumer and also pushes blue buffalo not because for something out of it but because I find it in this product what I am looking for.

    • You should really do a little research. They’re not so forthcoming about being made in the USA or it being HOLISTIC!! No Joke…

  3. I don’t know who you people are talking to but I have spent hours on the Internet and in pet food stores to get the best for my 3 boys. Blue is at the top of the list. Not only have my 2 Rotties and my shepherd thrived on it but everyone comments on how soft and healthy their coats are. If you know anything then you know that eyes and a dogs coat reflect on their health

    • Please be careful they have changed their formula and many dogs are getting violently ill, some are dying. I swore by this food myself until my dog started throwing up $200.00 vet bill later with a clean bill of health, I went to chicken and rice. He was fine, until I re-introduced the BB again, he started throwing up again. I am now only feeding him and my chichihua home cooked meals. Believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper!!!

      • Wow I am dealing with a really sick dog right now who I changed to Blue Buffalo on recommendation of a Holistic Vet….Hes thowing up…!!!!!

  4. Hello! I’m a Blue Buffalo consumer, for my two small dogs. I LOVE your canned food, mixed with my sufficient-non Blue Buffalo brand (due to costs). The only concern that I have is the amount of vegetables (peas, carrots) used in one can. I for instance, I counted three peas and very few carrots in one can. To my understanding, vegetables are very beneficial in any dog’s diet. I am only concerned in asking this question if I may have purchased a can with an accidentally limited amount. I’m hoping with my future purchases, that my dogs receive many more essential vegetables. I’m hoping to expect more in the near future. Thank you in advance,
    Susan Jung

  5. BB changed their formula and it is making dogs sick, be careful!! Very sick, including my own dog, a one time true believer I am now only cooking real food for MY very loved dogs, I am not putting their fate in a company that could care less.

  6. My dog is very very sick I am now attributing it to Blue Buffalo after doing research tonight….a holistic vet recommended it so I trusted her…but he’s basically lethargic right now its health has gone way down hill fast!!!!! I am totally distraught…..

  7. My dog has recently began vomiting. He has been eating Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight food for some time. Within the last month, he began vomiting. We took him to the vet, and $300 later, were told it could be the food. We were told to boil chicken and serve it with rice. After a few days (4-5) we were instructed to slowly introduce the BB Healthy Weight food back into his diet. The minute we feed him ( mostly chicken and rice and 1/4 cup of dog food, he immediately vomited. The following day we did the same, again he vomited. We cut back again to only the chicken and rice mixture, and he was fine. After speaking to the vet and doing some research, it seems that BB healthy Weight is definitely the cause. I should have done my research before putting him on this. there are so many bad reviews and horror stories about this food.

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