Brain Training for Dogs Exclusive Review

Recently, while looking for online dog training programs, I came across the program Brain Training for Dogs. It looked like an interesting program from an accredited trainer, so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did!

Years ago, I had several American Bulldogs. I never planned to have so many – I had seven at one point! But when I got them, I vowed to never let them go to homes with anyone that I didn’t personally know so that I knew for sure that they would always be safe and cared for. As they grew up, I encountered many of the same problems that most dog owners encounter. Being able to deal with these problems in an efficient manner really saved me lots of headaches and stress! Thankfully, I learned different techniques to use to help with these problems.

Review: My Thoughts & Opinions on “Brain Training for Dogs”

My biggest concern with choosing dog training was the type of reinforcement – positive or negative. I was pleased to find out that this program uses positive reinforcement and force-free methods. Positive reinforcement training is so much better for your dog and the bond that you form. You don’t have to worry about feeling guilty for inflicting pain in order to train your dog and your dog doesn’t have to be in fear of being hurt.

professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli, creator of Brain Training for Dogs

About the Program Creator – Adrienne Faricelli

Before learning more about the program, I wanted to learn more about the person who created it so I did my research. This is what I found out:

Adrienne Faricelli is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). She’s registered with the Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She’s also a member of the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants. This means that she has completed over 200 hours of apprenticeship under a master dog trainer. In addition, she actively works with and trains dogs to be service dogs or therapy dogs. I must say, I was impressed with her qualifications!

She’s also written for various publications: Paw Nation, Nest Pets, Daily Puppy, USA Today, Every Dog Magazine and APDT Chronicle of the Dog.

She lives with her husband Alex and Rottweilers, Petra and Einstein.​


What's included in the Brain Training for Dogs Program


What’s included in the program?

Once you join the program, you’ll receive access to the member’s area which includes everything you need to begin your training. There are sections for puppy training, obedience, training courses to boost intelligence and a large selection of information to tackle any type of behavior problem. There is also a private forum for members that is frequented by Adrienne.


Most training programs start with obedience. It’s always good to have the basics down so that your dog is well behaved around you and especially in the company of guests or strangers. It helps to keep everyone in the situation safe and happy. The basic obedience commands that you will teach your dog in this program are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Take it
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Heel & Attention Heel
  • Recall

Behavior Problems

Like most dogs, my dogs also had some behavior problems. From barking excessively to digging huge holes in the back yard, the Brain Training for Dogs program has a solution. Some of the problems that are discussed are:

  • Chewing
  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Whining

Having this program help you determine why your dog is acting out and what you can do to change the behavior is a huge benefit! I was thankful to learn these tips and tricks to help with my dogs. Each behavior has an extensive troubleshooting section that shows you how to tackle the problem from every angle.

Advanced Dog Training


Advanced Training

Once your dog has learned the basics, you’re ready to move on to more advanced training. This includes intelligence boosting games and activities. There are about 21 games and activities that will keep your dog occupied and always ready to learn more. Three of the games included are:

  • Open Sesame – Your dog will learn to sit when your put your hand on the door knob.
  • Ball Pit Game – Your dog will learn how to uncover hidden treats by solving a puzzle.
  • Treasure Hunt – Your dog will love learning to find hidden treats!

If your dog has trouble learning any of the activities – there is also a troubleshooting section here as well. Believe me, in this program you won’t be abandoned if you encounter problems. There are support sections for all situations.


When you’re learning new training techniques, it is much easier to see them demonstrated as they are described. This program has many videos to show you how to do the techniques. I found this very helpful.

One thing that could be improved with the videos, however, is the sound quality. Adrienne can be heard but it would be better if she was wearing a microphone so that it is more clear.

Members Forum

As mentioned before, the member’s area includes a forum. This is to encourage the members to help each other or share successes or problems. It is also frequented by the program creator, Adrienne. This added wealth of knowledge is just an added bonus to an already extensive program.

Brain Training for Dogs – Pros and Cons

What I liked:
  • Training covers everything from Puppy Basics and Obedience to Behavior Problems and all the way up to Advanced Training.
  • The techniques are kind and force-free.
  • The training offers a unique approach that will encourage you and your dog to do more.
  • Adrienne makes learning the techniques easy.
  • The Brain Training for Dogs program is based on solid science and psychology.
  • I especially liked the Troubleshooting Problems sections.
What I think could be improved:
  • Really the only thing that I thought could be improved with this program was the video sound. It would’ve been better if she had worn a microphone while creating the videos so that the sound was more clear. However, she can be heard so it’s not a huge issue.

My Final Thoughts on this Training Program

If you are on the fence about this dog training program, I can confidently say that I think you will be happy with it. The program is well put together and easy to use. This program will give you many fun and beneficial techniques to make your time with your dogs even more enjoyable!

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