Brain Training for Dogs Exclusive Review

Brain training for dogs review

Recently, while looking for online dog training programs, I came across the program Brain Training for Dogs. It looked like an interesting program from an accredited trainer, so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! Years ago, I had several American Bulldogs. I never planned to have so many – I … Read more

Bark Collars for Small Dogs: What Types Are Available?

Small dogs tend to have a reputation of being excessive barkers. Small dogs are usually pretty spunky in temperament and like to make sure that they are seen and heard and feel like they are important in the ‘family pack’. When verbal training and reprimanding fails to stop the non-stop barking, dog owners look for … Read more

Citronella Dog Collar: What Is It & What Are Dog Owners Saying?

One very annoying behavior of some dogs is excessive barking. Dog owners will usually try anything to try to get their dog to stop barking all the time. One simple solution that many dog owners have success with is a citronella anti-bark dog collar. A citronella dog collar is an inexpensive and humane way to … Read more