Dog Crates for Sale – What Types are Available?

When looking for dog crates for sale, you have to determine which type will work best for your situation. Depending upon the type of dog, where the crate will be used and what you will use if for will all factor into your decision. Read on to find out which dog crate you should buy before you make your purchase.

Plastic Dog Crates

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One of the most popular types of dog crates are plastic dog crates. Plastic dog crates are good to use for travelling. When you travel with a medium or large dog on an airplane, the dog usually has to travel in the cargo area of the plane. This requires the dog to be in an airline-approved dog crate. Plastic dog crates are usually the best choice for airline cargo area travel because they are usually pretty sturdy, they have some ventilation, they have a carry handle, and they may provide more of a sense of security for the dog because they are more enclosed than a wire crate.

Plastic dog crates are also a good choice for using at home. Since they have limited holes, they can feel like a den for your dog and provide them a quiet place for them to retreat if things get loud or hectic in the house. Also, they are generally warmer for colder climates because of the limited holes. They are also easy to clean and are designed to be taken apart for cleaning or storage.

Wire Dog Crates

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Secondly, there are also the popular wire dog crates for sale. Wire crates for dogs are not as portable as plastic dog crates. They are better for at-home use where they are not moved around a lot, especially the crates for large dogs. Wire crates provide better ventilation than plastic crates since they don’t have any sides that are closed-in (i.e. no holes). They are typically easy to clean because they usually have a plastic tray in the bottom that can be removed and cleaned. However, if you have a puppy and he has an accident in the crate, it can be a big, hard mess to clean and the mess can go through the wires onto the surrounding floor. Wire crates work great for adult dog to give them a place to sleep or retreat, if necessary.

Specific models of wire dog crates are drop-pin crates. Generally, all wire dog crates fold flat for easy storage and easier transportation. Drop-pin wire crates have a metal rod that goes in each corner of the cage to hold it together. When it is taken apart for storage or transportation, it is not as easy and convenient as a collapsible-type of wire crate. Collapsible or folding wire dog crates are designed to easily fold up on itself so it can be transported more conveniently. Also, it is easier to keep all the pieces together because they are still all connected unlike the drop-pin crates where each piece is separate and the risk of losing a piece is greater.

Soft Dog Crates

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There are also soft dog crates for sale. These types of dog crates are soft-sided and made of some type of fabric or canvas. They are generally used as a portable kennel during travel. They are not for dogs that like to chew or destroy their surroundings. They typically have a few windows and door or two that are opened and closed by zippers. Since they are soft-sided, they are made to fold down flat for easy transportation and storage. They are usually easy to clean also. These types of dog crates are best for a temporary situation where another type of dog crate would be an inconvenience.






Soft sided dog kennel for airline and travel. Click to view details and price on Amazon.

Another type of soft dog crate for sale is the luggage-type. These are sometimes called dog carriers and look like little duffel bags with mesh windows and a zipper door. Some even have expandable sides allowing extra space when needed. These are commonly used as a carry-on for small dogs on airplanes. They are small enough to fit under the airline seat and usually comply with airline standards for dogs in the cabin of the airplane. They are not too sturdy, so they are not to be used in any situation where something heavy could fall on top of it and do harm to the dog within.





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There are also soft dog crates with wheels. These make it easier to travel with pets and pull them instead of having to carry the crate.





In conclusion, when you are looking for dog crates for sale, you’ll have to determine what specific situations you will be using the dog crate. Some types of crates work best for certain situations and dog types, while others are better for other situations and dogs. You may even decide that having more than one type of crate will work better so you can the have flexibility to accommodate your dog in different situations.

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