Dog Grooming Equipment: What do I need?

When you make the decision to start your own dog grooming business, there are certain pieces of dog grooming equipment that you should consider having in order to do your job effectively. Acquiring these items for your dog grooming business will help you on your way to get your business started.

We have compiled a list of different types of professional dog grooming equipment that we think are necessary for a dog groomer.

Clippers, Blades, and Clipper Guards

Professional Dog Grooming Clippers – Click for more details

When deciding on which clippers and blades to buy for your dog grooming business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you will need to decide on which brand you’ll want to buy. Make sure when you decide on a brand that it is a brand that has replacement parts available and also a good selection of blades. If you buy an off-brand clipper, it may pose a problem in the future if it should break by not being able to fix it because of a lack of parts.

Also, you’ll have to decide if you want one speed, two speed or power clippers. Power or two-speed clippers are generally a better choice; however, one speed clippers also have a few benefits. Two speed clippers offer more options for different grooming situations you may encounter such as dogs that are really matted or have thick coats. On the other hand, two speed clippers pose more of threat of cutting the skin because they are more powerful.

As a professional dog groomer, you’ll need a variety of clipper blades. Due to the variety of dogs that you will be grooming, you will need clipper blades with various lengths. Some dogs will require shorter coats and other requires longer coats and this will also vary by season. Also, choose blades that are able to be re-sharpened and are easily cleaned and disinfected.


Grooming Scissors and Shears

Another important piece of dog grooming equipment for sale are scissors (sometimes called shears). There are several different types of scissors available for the professional dog groomer. The most common type are straight-edged. They are used the most often when grooming dogs. There are also thinning shears, curved and nose and ear scissors. The most important type to have are the straight-edged since they are used most often. However, the other types will be used as well but only for special circumstances or for grooming certain breeds.

Brushes and Combs

Dog Grooming Slicker Brush – Click for more details

Dog grooming brushes are another standard item found in a groomer’s shop. The most popular type of dog brush is the slicker brush. It has metal pins that are bent about half-way down the pin and they are used to de-tangle and remove loose hair on long-haired breeds of dogs. For breeds with short hair, a bristle brush works well. A tool that is kind of like a brush, but is used to remove the excess hair when the dog is shedding is the shedding blade. It helps to remove all the loose hair from the coat and undercoat more efficiently than with a regular brush.


Dog Grooming Metal Comb – Click for more details

Dog grooming combs are typically metal with narrower teeth on one end, and wider spaced teeth on the other for versatility. There are also specialized combs such as de-matting combs that have sharp teeth so they can help remove matts in the dog’s fur more easily.






Dog Grooming Tub – Click for more details

When deciding on a dog grooming tub, there are a few things to consider. A standard tub is usually metal and contains features such as a hose with sprayer, drain and shampoo rack. However, you can also find tubs with features such as doors with ramps or stairs to help get the larger dogs in the tub without straining your back. This is a great concept, but it is oftentimes hard to get dogs to use these ramps and stairs so it may not be a great investment. The most important thing when choosing a tub, is the sturdiness and the durability. Make sure it is designed to hold the weight of larger dogs and it will be stable when they move around.



Cage Dryer – Click for more details

Dog grooming dryers are important in a few steps of the dog grooming process. First, after the dog has been washed and rinsed in the tub, a dryer is helpful to remove excess moisture from the fur before moving them to the step in the drying process. A dryer that is used in the tub is usually higher speed and used for just this purpose.

Cage Dryer Ducting Kit – Click for more details

Next, cage dryers are used to dry the dog the rest of the way. It is important to know that it is a safety concern if you decide to use a heated cage dryer as that can cause some dogs to overheat. Be careful in your decision when you decide to use a heated versus a non-heated cage dryer. Also, there are dryers that look similar to human hair dryers that are used on the grooming table for final drying or for special circumstances with certain breeds such as fluff drying Poodles. These are different than human dryers because they are designed for the special needs of dog’s fur and skin.


Dog Groomer’s Cage Bank – Click for more details


Dog cages are needed to contain the dogs throughout the grooming process. There are many types of cages and it will depend on the size of the grooming shop and the preferences of the groomer on what type to use. A common type are wire cage banks that have larger cages on the bottom for the larger dogs, and the smaller cages on the top.




 Dog Grooming Table

Electric Dog Grooming Table – Click for more details

The dog grooming table is one piece of dog grooming equipment essentials that can vary depending on the groomer’s preferences.  A popular type of table is the adjustable type. It can be lowered to the floor level and then moved up to the grooming level which is great for grooming large dogs. This will allow the dog to be lifted by the table instead of the groomer’s back. Also, adjustable tables allow for the height to be adjusted depending on if the groomer would rather stand or sit during the process and for different dog heights. The most important factor when choosing a table is to be sure it is stable and secure for the safety of the groomer and the dog.


Owning and operating a dog grooming business requires many different types of dog grooming equipment. We hope that this has given you a few ideas on some of the essential items you will have to purchase before opening up your shop.


Special thanks to professional dog groomer, Beth, from Beth’s Pet Services where she provides dog grooming and bathing in Perry, FL.

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  1. Dog grooming is not simply an aesthetic bonus for our canine friends. Maintaining a regular grooming schedule will help to keep your dog both happy and healthy. Routine dog grooming will ensure that your dog is free of parasites, has healthy skin and a shiny coat, and has good dental health. Of course, the aesthetic benefits are also a plus. Only a true dog lover wants to be around a dirty, stinky dog with bad breath. Proper dog grooming will bring out the best in man’s best friend. ‘.

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of all of the tools! It’s such a help to figure out how I’m going to groom my cockapoo. Thanks for your help 🙂

  3. Hi I am in the process of getting my dog grooming certificate Could someone give me dollar estimate on how much it’ll cost to get all equipment I will need to start ?

    • Hi Catherine,

      I’m sorry, but I’m not sure on the dollar estimate. My friend that is a groomer helped me gather the info for this post. She started about 7-8 years ago, so she probably wouldn’t be able to provide a current estimate either. My best advice would be to take the list that we compiled in this post and then go to Amazon to get prices for what equipment you would like for your business.

      Best of luck!


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