Heartworm Medicine for Dogs: A Few Questions Answered

Heartgard is one brand of Heartworm Medicine for Dogs
Heartgard is one of several brands of Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

Most dog owners know that it is important to give their dogs monthly heartworm medicine. Dogs can get very sick and even die from heartworms so it is imperative that you know what to do to prevent heartworms in your dog.

Some people ask, “Do all dogs need heartworm medicine”? The answer is yes. Any dog can get heartworms. Heartworms result from a simple mosquito bite and if your dog is not on a preventative then it can get heartworms.

“What if you miss a few doses of heartworm preventative medicine”? If you miss even just one dose of the medication, then you must contact your vet to have your dog tested for heartworms. If you give your dog a heartworm pill and he/she is positive for heartworms, then the dog could die as a result. You also need to have a yearly heartworm test performed by your vet to confirm a negative result.

“Where can I buy cheap heartworm medicine for dogs?” Normally it is more convenient and easier to buy your dog medicines from your local vet, but if you buy your medicine online, you can sometimes save some money. You are not supposed to be able to buy heartworm medicine for dogs without prescription from a vet so all online pet pharmacies are supposed to require that you get the prescription before you can purchase the medicine. Some vets will charge you a fee just to get the prescription, so you will have to factor that into the cost when comparison shopping online. Just make sure you purchase it from a reputable website.

Finally, the most important things to remember about your dogs and the prevention of heartworms is that you must get them tested annually and you must give them their heartworm medicine every month. If you do both of these things, you shouldn’t have to worry about the heartbreaking loss of a pet due to heartworms.

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  1. We have a 3 yo female Yorkie who is on Ivermectin Pyrantel monthly. Each time she gets it, she suffers from diarrhea for a couple of days and usually bounces back to her playful self. This month, the same reaction but it’s lasted 4 days and there is a small amount of blood in the stool. I checked the sensitivity breeds list and Yorkies are not on the list. Should I be concerned or look at changing her heart worm med?


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