Outdoor Dog Beds: 5 Popular Types

Most dog owners care a lot about their dogs and want them to be as comfortable as possible. When dogs are kept outside, or just enjoy spending time outside throughout the day, having a nice, comfy spot for them to lie on is important to these dog owners. Since the environmental conditions differ for dog beds that will be in the outdoors elements versus those that will be indoors, you must choose dogs beds that are specifically made for outdoors instead of those that are made for indoor conditions. There are many different types of outdoor dog beds to choose from. These dog beds can have many different features.

Indoor Outdoor Dog Beds

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed – Click to view details

If you are looking for versatility with the use of your dog bed, then you may choose to buy an indoor outdoor dog bed. The features of this type of dog bed are that they are usually made from a heavier fabric and this fabric is also water resistant. This allows the bed to be used in outdoor situations where the bed may be subject to wetness from rain. The heavy fabric will also hold up better to the harsher elements of the outdoors.



Outdoor Raised Dog Beds

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If you have an older dog and/or one that has arthritis or just had surgery, then an outdoor raised dog bed might be the best choice for your dog. Outdoor elevated dog beds have a sturdy frame with a fabric laying surface that stretches for comfort. This type of outdoor dog bed resembles a cot. This style is beneficial because it keeps the dog off the cold, hard floor or ground and helps to prevent pain from strain on bones or joints and other pressure points.


Heated Outdoor Dog Beds

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Dogs that have to stay outside during the cold winter months will need a dog bed that provides some heat. Heated outdoor dog beds are generally plastic mats that the dog can lay on. Some of them have a plush cover for added comfort. For safety, they typically have a thermostat so the temperature will stay at a set temperature and won’t get too high or too low. The electrical cords are an area of concern, so many of the outdoor heated dog beds have a steel wrapped cord so the dog can’t chew on it and cause a fire or harm to himself. However, they are not chew-proof, so they need to be monitored carefully.


Outdoor Waterproof Dog Beds

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It is difficult to find outdoor waterproof dog beds because most of them are really just water-resistant. Some of the elevated dog beds that are made of a nylon material are waterproof. However, if you are looking for a plush dog bed that is also waterproof, you may have to settle on one that is water-resistant.

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There are a few dog beds that have waterproof  sides and bottom and a plush top cushion which might be ideal for some outdoor dogs as it provides waterproof and durability on the bottom, but still offers warm, comfortable fabric on the top.





Outdoor Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Outdoor Dog Beds for Large Dogs
Outdoor Dog Beds for Large Dogs – Click to view choices

Many of the beds already shown in this article are also available in large size. Outdoor dog beds for large dogs feature durable fabric and water-resistant covers that can usually be removed for easy cleaning.

Finally, when shopping for outdoor dog beds, there are many different types to choose from. You’ll have to choose which type of dog bed meets the requirements of what you’re looking for. From waterproof or heated to indoor/outdoor or raised, you are sure to find the right dog bed for your dog.

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  1. Thank you for the reviews. They all look like good choices, but I especially like the heated bed, for the cold northern winter, and the raised bed. Our dog stayed at a boarding facility once where they had these and he seemed to like it.


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