Plastic Dog Beds: Why Dog Owners Love Them

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Choosing a perfect bed for your dog can take some time. Finding the right dog bed often depends on different factors such as the dog’s size, age, sleeping environment, and how destructive the dog tends to be. Frequently, the dog owner will go through several beds by trial and error before finally finding the best bed for their dog. In the end, many dog owners find that plastic dog beds are the perfect choice for their dog.

Hard plastic dog beds sometimes do not look too appealing to dog owners because they don’t appear to be as comfortable as the pillow-type dog bed. This is probably one of the reasons why dog owners don’t seem to choose a plastic dog bed as their first choice. However, after experiencing problems with a regular dog bed, they may decide to try a plastic bed for their dog and they end up loving it. There are many reasons why dog owners love these beds.

First of all, plastic dog beds are easy to keep clean. The bed is typically an oval shape with high sides and rubber feet on the bottom for stability and protection of the floor. There is also the option to purchase a liner designed specifically for this type of dog bed that is made of material to make the bed more comfortable for your dog. However, some people just place a pillow or blanket in the bed to save the extra money. This allows for easy cleaning because the liner or blanket can be easily removed and washed while the bed itself can be wiped down with a wet cloth or hosed-off outside if it gets really soiled.

The next reason why people love this type of dog bed is durability. People that have dogs that love to chew and destroy fabric or wicker dog beds find that these plastic dog beds are the perfect solution. Dogs, especially puppies and large dogs, love to chew. The plastic that these beds are made from is thick and durable. They may still chew the plastic, but it will usually still last a long time Plastic dog beds for large dogs and those small dogs that love to chew are a perfect alternative to coming home to find a wicker or pillow-type dog bed shredded all over the floor for you to clean up.

Another reason why people love these dog beds is the price. The most popular brand of this type of dog bed is Perla. Perla plastic dog beds currently range in price from $15 for the small size to $30 for the large size. These prices are good for any dog bed, but even more so for a plastic dog bed considering the high praise for the durability from other dog owners.

Finally, when shopping for your dog’s next bed, you should consider buying a plastic dog bed. Their durability, ease of cleaning, and price provide a good solution to many dog bedding problems.

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