Therapeutic Dog Beds: 4 Types to Help Your Dog



When your dog has arthritis, has an injury or has had surgery, one thing that may help give him comfort is a therapeutic dog bed. This type of dog bed is specifically made to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort that dogs in these situations have to deal with. Buying the right bed for your dog is the key to helping your dog rest and heal comfortably.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory Foam Dog Bed – Click for more details

The most common type of therapeutic dog beds are those containing a foam material. One type of foam dog bed is the type of foam is usually called memory foam because it is designed to conform to the shape of the dog as it lays on it. This unique quality of memory foam eliminates pressure on certain areas of the dog’s body, like the hips, shoulders or other joints, and to reduce the pain that pressure on the areas normally causes. Make sure to get a memory foam bed that is thick enough though, because otherwise the dog will still make contact with the floor which will defeat its purpose. We have found a great memory foam bed that is thick and also has a durable, waterproof cover.

Bolster Memory Foam Bed – Click for more details

If your dogs prefer to have a bed with sides on it, then here is a great bolster memory foam bed.




Convoluted Foam Dog Beds

Convoluted/Egg Crate Foam Dog Bed – Click for more details

Another popular type of foam dog bed is made from convoluted foam. This type of foam is commonly called “egg crate” foam because of its unique shape that is similar to an egg crate. Because of its shape, the peaks are said to absorb pressure and provide weight distribution for arthritic or geriatric dogs. Also, dogs that are immobile due to injury or surgery recovery may benefit from this type of bed because the convoluted foam is said to provide more air circulation to prevent sores on pressure points of the body.

Heated Dog Beds

Heated Dog Bed – Click for more details

Another type of therapeutic dog bed is a heated bed. Just as in humans, heat provides relief from sore, tired muscles as well as pain from arthritic joints. We have found one of these heated dog beds that has pretty good reviews from the users.



Cooling Dog Beds

Cooling Dog Bed – Click for more details

If you have an older dog that lives in a hot climate, then your dog might benefit from a cooling bed. I have used these cooling beds myself with my dogs and they work great. There are different kinds of cooling beds, but the one that I have used is filled with water and dissipates the dog’s body heat through the water. It doesn’t require any electricity to run, so it is not an electrical hazard. The only problems that we have had is the seams seem to start to leak after using for a year or so. So we make sure to monitor the seams for leaks to make sure the floor isn’t getting soaked underneath without us knowing about it. The manufacturer has a great warranty so be sure to save your receipt and contact them if you find your bed starts to leak. Also, if you buy the large size, it is quite heavy after it is filled, so be sure to have it in place before filling.

As shown, there are a variety of therapeutic dog beds available. Depending on your dog’s specific needs, you should be able to find one that will help your dog and give him or her a comfortable night’s rest. There’s nothing more that we want as dog lover’s than to see our beloved dogs resting comfortably.

Which type of therapeutic dog beds have you used and what are your thoughts?




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