WD Dog Food vs. ZD Dog Food: What are the Differences?

WD Dog Food and ZD Dog Food are two of the special veterinary dog food formulas made by Hill’s Science Diet. Each formula is designed to treat specific conditions. We’ll explore the differences between the W/D and Z/D formulas.

After you’ve taken your dog to see your veterinarian, he/she may decide that in order to help or improve your dog’s condition, it would be better to be put on a special diet. Only a few dog food manufacturers make special dietary formulas that require a prescription and one of them is Hill’s Science Diet. Two of the special dry dog food formulas they make are called WD and ZD.

What is Hill’s ZD Dog Food?

ZD Dog Food
Z/D Dog Food

ZD Dog Food is a specially formulated dog food for hypoallergenic dogs. The formula was developed by veterinarians and nutritionists to help give dogs some relief of the common food allergy symptoms such as skin, ear and gastrointestinal problems. In order to minimize the possibilities of a food allergy problem, Hill’s only used a couple of sources of protein and one source of highly-digestible carbohydrate. The first 5 ZD dog food ingredients are: Dried Potato Product, Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver, Potato Starch, Soybean Oil and Hydrolyzed Chicken. To help nourish the skin, they added Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Also, additional antioxidants were added to aid the immune system and the skin barrier function. 

What is Hill’s WD Dog Food?

WD Dog Food
W/D Dog Food

Science Diet WD dog food is special food designed for dogs that are hypoglycemic (diabetic), have weight and/or digestion problems. Many dogs, like humans, develop diabetes when they become overweight. This formula includes carnitine to help dogs burn fat easier and build more muscle so when a healthy weight is reached, it will be easier to maintain. To help the dog feel fuller longer, the WD dog food includes high levels of fiber. In addition to the benefits of a healthier weight for diabetic dogs, Hill’s Science Diet WD dog food is formulated to reduce the fluctuation of blood glucose levels. Also, like the ZD dog food, the WD dog food has added antioxidants for a healthy immune system. The first 5 ingredients of the WD formula are: Whole Grain Corn, Powdered Cellulose, Chicken by-product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal and Chicken Liver Flavor.

In summary, the ZD and WD dog foods definitely have their differences. They both have their own special health conditions that they are each specifically designed to treat. It is best to discuss with your veterinarian which dog food is best for your dog and his/her special health conditions.

3 thoughts on “WD Dog Food vs. ZD Dog Food: What are the Differences?”

  1. Ive been buying zd pet food for my dog for the last 2 years for gastro problems, however the price is now unaffordable as im a senior on a budget, is there another brand i can get with the same ingredients? Mind you looking at your ingredients,,,how healthy is dried potatoe and hydrolyzed chicken? I hope i dont have to give up my pet of 11 years because of the cost of his food.

  2. My dog is diabetic and under control with insulin. My vet changed her food from wd to sd. What is the difference.


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